Get Higher: High Holidays 5775

Summer Sunburst

Rejuvenation, illumination, inspiration. Motivation, education, celebration. It’s Get-Higher 5775: High Holidays, Mishkan-style. Tell your parents to come to your shul this year.

UPDATE: As of Thursday, Oct 2, at 12 am, Boarding passes are no longer available in advance and can only be only purchased day-of at the door. 

Read on for details about services, Rosh lunch and Yom Kippur Disco Break Fast.

If you want to become a Builder– highly encouraged for your spirit and our sustainability- click here to learn what it’s about, and get your 1/2 priced Boarding Pass.)

• Dates + times + location:

Rosh Hashanah: 

Wednesday, Sept 24, 6:30 pm (registration opens at 6)

Thursday, Sept 25, 9:15 am (registration opens 8:45)

Rosh HaShannah lunch directly following services (requires advanced registration)

Tashlih/Sin Toss at 3:30 at Lawrence Beach (we’ll be walking from lunch)

Yom Kippur: 

Friday, Oct 3, Kol Nidre 7 pm (registration opens 6:30)- come early, we will start on time

Saturday, Oct 4, 9:15 am (registration opens 8:45)

Disco Break Fast! (requires advanced registration)

Location: The Preston Bradley Center @ 941 W Lawrence (at Sheridan), aka The People’s Church.

• Tickets, aka Boarding Passes Boarding Passes are available to anyone and everyone, and Builders (members, Mishkan style) get a discount. If you aren’t a Builder, but are interested in becoming one, learn more here If you are a Builder and have yet to receive your special link to Boarding Passes, contact us at Boarding Passes range from $20-$42 per holiday with special add-ons like childcare, Rosh Hashanah lunch, Disco Break Fast, parking passes etc.

Interested in 2nd day? Mishkan doesn’t hold our own 2nd day Rosh HaShannah services, but we partnered with Anshe Emet to make 50 tickets possible for Mishkan people there, first-come, first-served. Here’s the form. You’ll pick up your tickets on Day 1 @ Mishkan.

• Getting There We highly recommend walking, biking, taking public transportation, and carpooling. Here are some options:

Driving: We have arranged for parking at Weiss Memorial Hospital, just 3 blocks away (Sheridan & Leland) at a discount of $14/holiday, available when you buy your Boarding Pass. We will be shuttles running to the lot for evening services and the first hour of morning services. Parking at the Lawrence Avenue beach is also about a 4 block walk.  There is no lot at the Preston Bradley Center and street parking on Lawrence is extremely limited.

Train: The Lawrence Red line drops off three blocks away, next to the Aragon Theater on Lawrence. 

Bus: The Broadway bus drops off two blocks away.

Biking: We totally encourage biking and will have on-site security, but locking bikes outside is at your own risk.

• Helping Out How can you help out with Get Higher 5775? Thanks for asking! We have a volunteer slots available throughout the holidays – click here to express your preferences and sign up for a slot. The sooner you sign up for a slot, the more likely it is that you’ll get what you want.

• Get Higher with Kids? Lucky kids…

We have great programming for kids throughout the holidays: Little Flyers. It will be fun, interactive, hands-on learning experiences for kids throughout Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur planned for kids 18 months-12 years. Get them a Little Flyer ticket. Little Flyers will be offered at all times during Rosh Hashanah services, Kol Nidre and throughout the morning of Yom Kippur. For safety reasons, kids under 13 are not permitted in the building unsupervised. If you plan to have your children with you 100% of the time and not in Little Flyers, get them their own Boarding Pass (kids under 13 are free, teen tickets start at $18).

Beam me up! Get me higher! Click here to get your passes to Get Higher:5775. 

After 12 am on Thursday, Oct 2, please just show up early on the day-of to get your Boarding Pass.


Yom Kippur Deets:

In the spirit of cleansing and purity of the holiday, we invite you to wear white. Nothing fancy needed. We avoid leather (shoes, kippot, jackets, jewelry), as well as all other products and adornments that make for extravagance and beauty- it’s a day of simplicity, of taking it all down 10 notches to our barest, most essential self. Need something white? Here are a few ideas… 😉

Kol Nidre: Doors open 6:30, we’ll start promptly at 7 pm

Morning: 9:15 Services, including Yizkor (around noon)

2:15 or so BREAK, with stay-on-premises options including…

2:45 pm-3:45 pm Restorative Yoga (at-one-ment for the body and spirit, led for our 3rd consecutive year by certified yoga teacher AnnMerle Feldman)

3:50 pm-4:40 Study options (no previous text study background required!):

The Story of Jonah: A Coming-Out Narrative, with Jay Stanton, queer activist and Jonah afficionado, for a close reading of the book of Jonah.  Whether you identify as LGBTQ or straight and cisgender, come learn about Jonah’s process of finding his queer and examine what that means for you finding yours.

“Between Tawba and Teshuvah: Ideas of Repentance in Jewish mystical & Muslim Sufi Writings, with David Frankel (one of our deep, philosophical UChicago PhD candidates, who, about his class said, “Yup. Jewish Sufis. It’s pretty hot right now. In Jewish Studies.”)

5:00-6:00 pm  Neilah themed Meditation with the eloquent and grounded Ruth Durschlag (Rabbi & PsyD)

4:45 Mincha– Torah discussion, interactive Jonah reading

6:00 Neilah– The sun begins to set, the closing of the gates

7:20 Havdallah and Shofar Blow-Out 

7:30 onward Disco Break Fast

Dance the night away with great music, great food and drinks with the amazing folks you’ve spent the day atoning with. Open to all- even if you weren’t with us for day-time prayer. Just register in advance, por favor. 

SEND US YOUR SINS. (We can’t forgive you for them, but at least you’ll be in good company)

Here is your opportunity to do some anonymous soul searching and help our community collectively reflect on the people we’ve been, and the people we want to be in the coming year, as the High Holidays roll around. We will actually draw on these anonymous sins throughout the holidays as we strive to make the cleansing process as real and poignant as possible.

• • •

Things you can do to get in the spirit of the holiday:

• 10Q: receive a thought-provoking question in your in-box every day during the 10 days of repentance between Rosh HaShannah and Yom Kippur. Do you 10Q?

• Meet Mishkan’s e-goat, our very own eScapegoat, a very cute animated goat who will carry your sins off into an animated desert. Click here to meet the goat and submit your confession (no halakhic atonement actually effected 😉 You can scroll down to the bottom to avoid watching the video again if you want to submit multiple times.

• Journal. Focus on the specific area of Teshuvah/repentance/return you’re looking to do work in over this season and pay attention to how you interact with the issue. Food, interpersonal dynamics, prayer, meditation, anger management, time management… start paying attention.

Hear the shofar every day. Read and reflect on Psalm 27 every day. These are all tools for waking up the spirit.

Godspeed, y’all.

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