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• Listen to Rabbi Lizzi discussing Post Denominational Judaism on WBEZ’s the Morning Shift, August 2015

“Women Rabbis Are Forging A Path Outside Denominational Judaism,” features Mishkan in the Religion News Service, April, 2015

“Out of the Box Spiritual Communities,” features Mishkan in the Chicago Sun-Times, December, 2014

• Women Rabbis Lead Innovative Spiritual Communities,” features Rabbi Lizzi and Mishkan in Jewish Telegraph Agency article, December 2014

Rabbi Lizzi Heydemann’s Jewish Journey, featured in, July 2014

• Rabbi Lizzi receives the Pomegranate Prize from the Covenant Foundation, 2013, for being a promising early-career Jewish educator.

“Old Roots, New Branches: Jewish Spiritual Communities and the Rise of Alt-Labor,” by Amy Dean, featured in Tikkun, July, 2013.

• Rabbi Lizzi named by Oy!Chicago one of the 36 Under 36, 2012. Follow-up piece, August, 2013 by Oy!Chicago on Rabbi Lizzi.

• TV: Rabbi Lizzi on ABC 7/JUF’s “Sanctuary”- aired in November, 2011, on Channel 7, now available online., Oct 2011

PrintRabbi Lizzi describes her personal impetus for creating Mishkan in Shma: A Journal of Jewish Ideas, Nov. 2011

Rabbi Lizzi featured among other nationwide innovative rabbis in Envisioning Communities: A Shma Roundtable, Sept. 2012

Articles by Rabbi Lizzi

“Nurturing the Sparks,” Engagement of NextGen Jews in the 21st century, JUF/Oy!Chicago News May, 2014

• Judaism as mindfulness training, Parashat Vayetse, November 2014

• Elevating food through blessings in EatingRules. Judaism: Raw and Unprocessed, 2011

Music Online

Download a copy of the Davening team’s first professionally recorded album: A Taste of Mishkan HERE.

High Holiday music and a delightful smattering of other stuff on Mishkan’s SoundCloud site

Limmud Chicago, 2012  Devotional Music Jam clips (Dodi Li, Yah Ribon, N’varech- Let Us Bless; other players are Rabbi Sam Feinsmith, Hannah Shefsky, Yoni Sarason)

Exodus Redux. A night of yoga, music, meditation, and raising awareness about the human trafficking trade. Just close your eyes and listen to the song- the lighting doesn’t lend itself to iPhone video, but the sound is great. Min HaMetsar/From the Depths– a Hallel kirtan, celebrating the possibility of openness, change and transformation (bad video, great music- just listen to the music)

Listen to our Kabbalat Shabbat SoundCloud to get a sense of what we do on Friday nights.

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