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Aviva Stein

Director of Mensch Academy

Aviva is a facilitator and educator who grew up in the Reconstructionist movement. Upon graduating from the University of Wisconsin Madison with a BA in Environmental Studies and a BA in Creative Writing, she lived in rural Connecticut, Boston, and Alabama, pursuing her passion for environmental education and Jewish life. From 2015-2018 they were active in IfNotNow and local mutual aid organizations, and they are always excited to find the deep connections between education and the fundamentals of community organizing. Aviva began as a part-time facilitator at Mensch Academy in 2018, and is proud to have received excellent training from Mensch Academy founder Ilana Gleicher Bloom before taking on the role of Director of Mensch Academy in 2021. Aviva lives with her spouse Owen in Rogers Park where she birds, bikes, and hosts Shabbat.