Surveying the Community Experience

From our inception a decade ago, one of Mishkan Chicago’s goals has always been to be radically inclusive – a supporting and affirming space where people could bring their whole selves. We wanted to be a home specifically for the people who had a hard time fitting into or seeing themselves represented in traditional synagogues, which included young adults, people in interfaith partnerships or families, Jews of color, LGBTQ+ people, people in different family constellations, single people, and spiritual seekers. 

While it’s always been part of our identity as a community to be this space, we’ve never had the opportunity to assess how we’re doing at achieving this lofty and critical aspiration. Until now!

Mishkan Chicago has partnered with Dr. Gage Gorsky to do a mini-study of the Mishkan community. You are invited to complete a brief survey about your experiences as members of this community. Data collected will be used to learn more about how it feels to be involved with Mishkan: What are we doing well? Where could we do better? How can we create deeper spaces of belonging where folks can bring their whole identities? Your insight and perspectives will be so helpful in ensuring that this study truly meets the needs of Mishkan’s diverse spiritual family.

I want to thank you in advance for taking the time to do this survey. It should take you about 10 minutes and will be invaluable as we strive to help as diverse and inclusive a community as possible find purpose, connection and inspiration through their involvement with Mishkan.

Sending you blessings of gratitude and appreciation,
Rabbi Lizzi

Dr. Gage Gorsky

Gage Gorsky PhD (they/them), who recently helped lead the largest ever study of Jews of Color in the US, is uniquely positioned as a half-Mexican, half-Ashkenazi neurodivergent radical nonbinary trans queer Millennial interdisciplinary researcher raised by their single white Jewish mom among diverse chosen family in Chicago. Their intersecting marginal identities and feminist, activist spirit inform and shape their spiritual and methodological approach to this heart-work.

Dr. Gage Gorsky