Interfaith and Conversion

We want to help all people develop a sense of comfort, familiarity, and ownership over Jewish practice, text, culture and spirituality.

All of our Jewish learning classes (including High Holiday Boot Camp, one-off classes on different subjects, our Meditation classes, the SVARA & Mishkan Bet Midrash and the Social Justice Bet Midrash) are open to the public and welcome all students irrespective of background. (There is a Hebrew reading requirement for the S & M Bet Midrash). For someone looking to learn more about Judaism these are all amazing ways in and we would be happy to tell you more about the classes by phone– just call our office: 773-893-0613.

For those of us that did not grow up Jewish, stepping into Jewish learning can be daunting– so many holidays, strange new rituals and customs, not to mention a whole new alphabet (the alef-bet). To make an appointment with one of our rabbis to talk about your journey, contact our office.

In addition to our Conversion Cohort, we also recommend the Anshe Emet Jews By Choice (JBC) program. Occasionally our rabbis will work 1-on-1 with prospective converts, but we highly recommend the Anshe Emet program for its regularity and the community built in class.

Our next Conversion Cohort starts in February.

Dive in and develop an intellectually honest experience of Jewish learning while building personal relationships with text, with Rabbi Lizzi and with others in the program.

Mondays Feb.19th – May 28th, 7pm – 9 pm



Looking for information about weddings, baby namings and other Jewish rituals in interfaith families? More information is available on our lifecycles page.