We want to help all people develop a sense of comfort, familiarity, and ownership over Jewish practice, text, culture and spirituality.

For those of us that did not grow up Jewish, stepping into Jewish learning can be daunting – so many holidays, strange new rituals and customs, not to mention a whole new alphabet (the alef-bet). To make an appointment with one of our rabbis to talk about your journey, contact our office.

We offer a Conversion Cohort for prospective Jews by Choice, aimed for those interested in learning more about Judaism. We meet weekly for several months to learn about Judaism and its holidays, rituals, and customs. Our Cohort participants commit to:

  • Learning with curiosity and open mindedness.

  • Sharing space, opinions, beliefs, and questions.

  • Respecting others’ perspectives, boundaries, and beliefs.

  • Acting kindly, creating physical and emotional safety.

  • Being generous and giving the benefit of the doubt, as everyone is coming with different levels of familiarity, comfort, and context to this Jewish space.


Looking for information about weddings, baby namings and other Jewish rituals in interfaith families? More information is available on our lifecycles page.