Mishkan is proud to be part of The Big Bold Jewish Climate Fest, making climate change a central moral issue of the Jewish community. Come learn with us about sustainable living and explore over 100 other Festival events, free and online January 27-31. ⁠

Link for more info in bio!

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Led by Mishkan’s Edot Fellow, Stacy Broxman, this is a kick-off event for Mishkan’s Jews of Color group – join us! ⁠

After Friday's Shabbat live stream, we will virtually meet up for dinner (sponsored by Mishkan), a few rounds of Jack Box games, and discussion on our hopes and dreams for the group.⁠

Register at the link in bio ☀️⁠

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Good Morning Mishkanites! As we witness this historic day and the start of a new chapter in our nation's leadership, we offer you a prayer and a reminder to take a moment — even just a couple of breaths — to reflect on what you pray the next four years will bring.⁠

Head to the link in our bio for an original prayer for Inauguration from Rabbi Lizzi, Rabbi Deena and community members.⁠

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This weekend, join our contemplative Shabbat service offering a slower paced, less-is-more, meditative approach to prayer. Anchored in the traditional liturgy, the service incorporates silent meditation, a handful of phrases from our liturgy, and Mishkan music to create a space to deepen your individual, emotionally resonant, Shabbat experience.⁠

This service will be facilitated by Mishkan Builders Lori and Monte Dube, who have both trained in Jewish Mindfulness Meditation through the Institute for Jewish Spirituality.⁠

Register at the link in bio 🕯️

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Starting NEXT Tuesday, January 26th, we're inviting parents to a Drop-In hang. ⁠

Grab your extra strong coffee and take some time to yourself to connect with other parents and support one another during this challenging time. Sponsored by Maggie's Place, join once, weekly, or whenever it works for you.⁠

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Rabbi Deena is featured on @onepeloton ‘s story today! Check it out and read more at the link in bio! ...

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What do you do when you haven't shared an office in 10 months and you want to be cozy and show your Mishkan pride and you happen to have the same plaid shirt and glasses and general vibe? ⁠

You coordinate and take a screenshot. 🥰⁠

Shoutout to Ellie (Director of Programs) and Rebecca (Director of Strategy & Design) for bringing us some much needed smiles this week!

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Here, allow us to help cleanse the feed. Shoutout to Rabbi Lizzi for letting us use her child for some end of week smiles. ⁠

Heads up – this face sometimes shows up for Shabbat. ⁠

Just a lil tip in case you wanna join us at 6:30 pm tonight 🙂 ⁠

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As we approach #MLK Day on Monday, we're sharing some resources to help you honor the national holiday. ⁠

Follow the link in our bio to hear Ilana Kaufman's 2015 Eli Talk "Who Counts? Race and the Jewish Future" about the history of both solidarity and racism in Jewish communities. ⁠

It's well worth the 15-minute listen, we promise.

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As we approach #MLK Day, we're sharing some resources for reflection, learning, and direct action to help you honor the national holiday. ⁠

#tbt This episode of Contact Chai with Lola Wright is a must listen. As a spiritual leader, a holy disruptor, a deep-thinker and an anti-racist educator, Lola brings so much to this episode about Whiteness in America, civil disobedience, conscious unlearning and allyship. ⁠

Take a listen and let us know what you think on Apple Reviews. Link in bio ☀️

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We want to hear from you! What lingering questions did you have about Genesis? ⁠

Email Rabbi Deena with a voice memo recording of your question and you may be featured on our Mailbox Episode coming out next week! ⁠

📬 [email protected]

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Last week was difficult— heck, the last forever has been difficult. Rabbi Lizzi's sermon from Friday addresses just that. If you missed her drash about the insurrection, grief and collective action, you can listen at the link in our bio. ⁠

Leave us an Apple Review and let us know what you think! We want to hear from you. ⁠


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Do you have a middle-schooler in need of a good time? This is a program designed for them. All 5th – 8th graders are invited to connect and hang out while playing online games together like Among Us, Minecraft, and more. Senior Family Educator Aviva Stein will host this low-key gaming night every other Thursday starting January 14th.⁠

More info at link in bio ☀️⁠

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Calling all ’90s kids! Join us next Thursday for yoga! Connect through meditation and some Jewish jams. No experience or equipment needed.⁠

Register at the link in bio ☀️

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We are with you. ♥️ ⁠

You can find the link to Morning Minyan in our bio.

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Happy New Year! ✨🎆🥂⁠

We are so grateful we get to start the new year with you.⁠

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It's Rabbi Lizzi's birthday today! Her 40th, too!⁠

HAPPY BIRTHDAY LIZZI! We love you! Your leadership has steered this ship for almost 10 years and we could not be more excited to start 2021 with you at the helm! ⁠

Link to donate to Mishkan via Venmo at the link in bio! Drop a birthday message if you can! 🎂

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Tomorrow is Rabbi Lizzi's birthday! Just leaving this here in case you want to give her a little gift or something 😉⁠

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Will you give before the end of the year? ⁠

Whatever is meaningful to you is meaningful to us. ☀️⁠

Venmo us @mishkan-chicago or follow the link in bio! ⁠

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