Pesah 2021/5781

Everything you need to prep for your own liberating Passover seder experience.

Passover is all about going forth from the narrow places that limit us, freeing our bodies, minds, and spirits, and doing it in community. Whether this is your first year hosting a seder or you’ve done it countless times, we hope you’ll find some digital inspiration and guidance for a transformative and meaningful seder experience.

This year, join Mishkan for Revelation in the Wilderness: A Musical Seder. Rabbi Lizzi and special guest Rabbi Micah Shapiro will host a night of soul-stirring music and reflections threaded from beginning to end, honoring the full year of highs and lows since Passover last year. We’ll hit all the traditional seder high notes, keep you connected and inspired, and get you eating before 9 pm (or so). Rabbi Micah and the Rabbis from Mishkan, as well as surprise guests throughout the seder, will invite you into a space of revelation, music, exploration and reflection. 

7:30 – 9 pm CST | Seder

9 – 9:35 pm CST | Break out Dinners

9:35 pm CST | Closing Songs and Rituals

Get into the Passover spirit with a *BONUS* episode of
Contact Chai

Tune in to hear Rabbi Lizzi in conversation with Rabbi Deena  for a dive into the ancient art of deep-cleaning your kitchen and the power of doing a spiritual check-in six months after the High Holidays.

Or check out this throwback episode from April 2020, join Rabbi Lizzi to explore how we can connect the science of resilience, healing and change with our Seder experience and the Season of Passover.

Second Night Seder

While we aren’t hosting an official Mishkan second night seder, check out these great options from our partners:
The Kitchen (one for families and one for community)
Havaya Arts (for families)
Base Hillel
Recovery Seder

JEN Haggadah

The Jewish Emergent Network presents DIY Seder. Aren’t all seders DIY, you ask? Yup. But this year we are here to help! We created short videos and Powerpoint slides to correspond with the signposts of the seder (you know, like, motzi, matzah, etc.). Teaching, humor, song, it’s all here. Use as many or as few as you want to help make your Zoom or family seder pop. And don’t worry, we’ll include tech tips for Zoom moderators. Available at

Chametz Challenge

Join us to prepare for Passover with seven easy tasks to help you clean those crumbs, and dump the gunk.

Take the Challenge!

Family-Friendly Resources

PJ Library has rounded up a great selection of Passover-themed podcasts, projects, books, and music for all ages. Also check out their illustrated family haggadah.

Mishkan’s Passover Prep Guide

How do you prepare for a seder again? We’ve got you covered with a list of groceries, and substitutes, that can help you prep in a pinch.

Music for Your Soul

Get into the Passover spirit with music from Mishkan’s Davening Team and others that’s sure to inspire, move and lift your spirits.

Watch our Davening Team perform Min Ha’Metzar, From the Narrows, a traditional song sung during Passover.
Watch the Mensch Academy kids teach the Four Questions. Learn the movements and impress your friends and family (spoiler alert: maROARRR like a lion!)