Everything you need to prep for your own liberating Passover seder experience.

Passover is all about going forth from the narrow places that limit us, freeing our bodies, minds, and spirits, and doing it in community. Whether this is your first year hosting a seder or you’ve done it countless times, we hope you’ll find some digital inspiration and guidance for a transformative and meaningful seder experience.

Welcome to Pesach, the season of new beginnings.

Mishkan’s Seder Sidekick

This guide is intended to make your seder a more reflective and purposeful experience. Using your favorite Haggadah, use the discussion prompts in this guide to discover new meaning, literally Mah Nishtanah, what is different, this year, in your life and in the lives of the people at your table.

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Build your own inspirational haggadah and choose from a wealth of resources on and check out the CJJC Haggadah Insert 2019 on immigration justice. Or, get in on a retro Mrs. Maisel meets Maxwell House Haggadah.

Make Your Dream Haggadah

More Passover Prep

From chametz to seder hosting pro-tips, keep reading!

Watch the Mensch Academy kids teach the Four Questions. Learn the movements and impress your friends and family (spoiler alert: maROARRR like a lion!)
Pesach Mini Guide

Tips for cleaning your kitchen from our friends in community at IKAR.

Seder Checklist

A seder checklist for how to get your seder table and home ready to host.

More Resources

Resources from BimBam to help you celebrate all eight days of the holiday.

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