Pesah 2022/5782

Everything you need to prep for your own liberating Passover seder experience.

Passover is all about going forth from the narrow places that limit us, freeing our bodies, minds, and spirits, and doing it in community. Whether this is your first year hosting a seder or you’ve done it countless times, we hope you’ll find some digital inspiration and guidance for a transformative and meaningful seder experience.

This year, join Mishkan for a virtual second-night seder: Toward A New Promised Land. We’ll hit all the traditional Passover seder high notes and songs, have optional break out dinners, all followed by a post-dinner seder sing along. We will focus throughout the seder on how we’re envisioning the promised land we want to get to as we move through and out of this pandemic.

Our Interactive Seder Guide

Bring a little Mishkan spirit to your seder table with our Passover seder video playlist:

Your family can tell the Exodus story in a whole new way with our hilarious Magid Mad Libs!

Passover Resource Round-Up

Post-Passover Party

We’re celebrating the end of Passover with all of the carbs and hops that you can handle.


Prepping for Passover

How do you prepare for a seder again? Get more meaning from cleaning.


Music for Your Soul

Get into the Passover spirit with music from Mishkan’s Davening Team.

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First Night Seder

While we aren’t hosting an official Mishkan first night seder, check out these great options from our partners:


Watch our Davening Team perform Min Ha’Metzar, From the Narrows, a traditional song sung during Passover.
Watch the Mensch Academy kids teach the Four Questions. Learn the movements and impress your friends and family (spoiler alert: maROARRR like a lion!)

Want to sell your chametz?

Empower Rabbi Lizzi to sell it for you.