Purim 2020: When Pigs Fly
Monday, March 9th

Mishkan is headed to Wicker Park for the zaniest and most irreverent of Jewish holidays. Assuage your fears, pork will not appear on the menu… but there will be amazing (vegetarian) food, drinks, a full Megillah reading, spiel, fire sword swallowers and other Purim antics that will make you think pigs flying just might be possible.

On March 9th, join Mishkan, Base Hillel, ReBoot, Trybal Gatherings, and AVODAH for another banner Purim celebration like no other. Don’t believe us? Check out pictures from last year. Then get your costume, grab a friend, and let’s see what happens when pigs actually do fly.

$30/person includes one drink ticket and food.

In the spirit of giving food and spreading joy during the celebration of Purim and fulfill the mitzvot of “Mishloach Manot,” please bring boxes of Wacky Mac (or other Kosher brands of macaroni and cheese) to use as noisemakers during the Megilah reading in lieu of groggers (noisemakers). These boxes will be donated to the ARK’s food pantry.

Fulfill the mitzvah of matanot l’evyonim (gifts to people in need) and donate directly to the Chicago Food Depository when you register!




Chop Shop


2033 W North Avenue
6 – 10 pm