R e v e l a t i o n s

We’re at it again– interfaith stories of inspiration and on this night, revelation(s). A few nights before Shavu’ote (the holiday celebrating the giving of Torah) we join with our partners in faith-based crime (Gilead Church, Lincoln Park Presbyterian Church, SVARA and REBOOT) to create another night of stories themed around revelation i.e. having your heart or mind expanded in unexpected, powerful ways.

Come for inspiration, creativity, curated stories of revelations, and of course, traditional Shavu’ote food* (bring your Lactaid). Revelation waits for no one, so get registered. $15 for general admission, $10 for Mishkan Builders (get the code!). Why do a Shavu’ote and Pentecost interfaith event? Come and find out!
*Traditional Shavu’ote foods include dairy foods, like blintzes and cheesecake. Or a mac n’ cheese bar. Gluten free + vegan options included!

**We are thrilled to be offering ASL interpretation at this event.**



Wed. May 16th • 6:30pm
Chicago Theater Works • 1113 W. Belmont

Grain Drive for The Ark

Shavu’ote, the “Feast of Weeks”, is a special tradition and as we celebrate with the ancient grain harvest festival, we hope you will help to give grain to those less fortunate. The ARK is a nonprofit social service agency that provides medical care, food and other basic necessities to more than 4,000 families throughout Chicagoland.

Please bring the following items with you to shavu’ote to donate (All items must be at least six months before their expiration date and be certified kosher.)

Quinoa | White OR Brown Rice | Cous Cous | “Wacky Mac” Macaroni & Cheese | Oatmeal