Yum Cards

Part of the revolutionary act of creating Shabbos is slowing down, singing, relaxing, and of course, eating and drinking. We take that last part seriously. We want to nourish your spirit and feed your body.

While manna from heaven fell for the Israelites in precisely the right amount and cost them nothing, not so for us (sad, we know). In order to know how much to make once a month when we cater Shabbos dinner, and of course, to enable us to provide it, we ask you to get a YumCard.

  • Yumcards can be used for any full shabbat meal we cater on any date.
  • They do not expire.
  • They can be applied towards a friend or relative’s meal.
  • All meals include dinner and drinks.
Get a YumCard

Pay for your meal in advance and join us for our next catered shabbat dinner.

Get a YumCard

Buy in advance for the whole year and get a big discount, or in smaller increments for a smaller discount.