March Mitzvot Madness 2: Revenge of the Mitzvot

Oh no! The Mishkan staff has lost all their ideas of how to complete the four Purim Mitzvot. Can you help us? Do you have what it takes to do all four of the Purim Mitzvot? Of course you do! Whether you’re in Chicago or out of state, single or a family of 5, join us for the chance to win some points: both karmic and literal ones.

Complete as many Mitzvot Challenges by March 10 in order to win some amazing prizes!

Join the Madness!


Complete as many Mitzvot Challenges by 3/10 in order to some amazing prizes – karmic brownie points included!

-All completed challenges must be submitted through the official MMM submission form and include a photo, screenshot or video as evidence.

    • You can submit up to 3 challenges at a time.
    • We recommend submitting as you go so you don’t get overwhelmed at the end!
    • You can register as an individual, couple, or household, and will then be placed together on a team 
    • You and those you register with can only complete each challenge ONCE, but everyone on your team can do the same challenge

-All challenges are worth 10 points each.
-Challenges can be submitted by any official team member and will count towards the whole team.
-Points and bonus points are at the discretion of Mishkan staff.

Reading the Megillah (Book of Esther): The mitzvah of reading the Megillah can be accomplished by listening to it chanted or by reading it yourself.

  • Attend Mishkan’s Adult or Family Purim events for the Megillah reading, in person or virtually 
  • Make your own grogger (noisemaker) to use during the Megillah reading 
  • Put on a Purim spiel in your living room or on Zoom with friends & family 
  • Read the story of Purim 
  • Dress up (yourself or your pet!) in a fun Purim costume 

Sending Mishloach Manot (gift baskets): Mishloach Manot traditionally includes 2 different kinds of foods delivered to at least 2 people, because the Megillah lists this mitzvah with two plural words (there are no accidental plurals in the Torah or the Megillah!)

  • Send a gift to a team member
  • Give a gift to a neighbor or stranger 
  • Make a gift for someone in your house – pets count!

Seudah (festive meal): The mitzvah here is to celebrate the gift of being alive. Toast to life – l’chaim!

  • Make a festive meal at home:
    • Include a traditional Purim food: hamantaschen, a HUGE Challah aka keylitsch, kreplach, anything with beans
  • Bake your own hamantaschen 
  • Eat like they did in Shushan! Order in a festive meal from a local Persian restaurant 
    • For Chicago locals, we recommend: Kabobi, Noon o Kabob or Reza’s Restaurant 
  • Have your festive meal together with your team members, in person or on Zoom

Matanot La’evyonim (providing for the needs of others): On Purim, it is a practice to give more than usual in order to remind each of us that the wheel of life is unpredictable and if you are ever on the receiving end of someone else’s charity, you sure hope they’d be generous. Be the generous person that you’d want someone else to be if you were in their shoes.

  • Donate money to your favorite charity or organization 
  • Give your time through a volunteer experience 
  • Clean out your closet and donate your gently used items 
  • Join one of Mishkan’s Local Action Teams (email R’Steven to get involved) 
  • Learn more about social justice efforts Mishkan supports! Send us a video telling us three things you learned.

Do a green home audit for sustainability

Choose one prize per household upon completion of March Mitzvot Madness. Everyone on the winning team will receive a gift card for 50% off a Mishkan program* or swag item! Winners will also be invited to a special pre-Shabbat Happy Hour Reception on March 24, 2023.


*excluding High Holidays