What Sparks Joy For You?

While watching the popular Netflix show Tidying Up with Marie Kondo – a show that isn’t particularly Jewish on the surface – I had a moment of inspiration: this is what the High Holidays are all about! The premise of the show is that you declutter your home by only keeping around what sparks joy. Letting go sparks joy, creates more space in your life, and allows your relationships to breathe and come alive again.

As you reflect on your life, does Mishkan spark joy for you? Maybe you’re one of thousands that come to Shabbat or High Holiday services, small group gatherings or learning, Mensch Academy, our Conversion Cohort, or wellness workshops at Maggie’s Place. Maybe you’ve had a meaningful conversation with a fellow community member, or turned to us to mark a happy or difficult life moment. Maybe you’re one of the over 200,000 people who have listened to our music on SoundCloud.

Our impact on the lives of thousands of people would not be possible without the support of the wider community. As we launch this High Holiday pledge drive, which helps fund the rest of the holy work we do all year, we have one basic goal:

Everyone Gives. You Give. Yes You.



That’s it. If you are part of this community, whether you come regularly or once a year, then please, help us keep sparking joy, and make a gift. 

You can either give now or make a pledge to fulfill by December 1, 2019. Every amount helps.


Amount of free and reduced price tickets we give to those in need for High Holidays


Cost of security at Shabbat services each year


Pays to operate Mishkan for one business day


True cost of sending a kid to The Mensch Academy – our twist on religious school – for one year


Provides American Sign Language interpretation at High Holidays and Shabbat services


Supports the community meal after one Shabbat service – this happens 36 times a year!


Brings food via our Social Justice team to a Mothers Against Senseless Killing event in Englewood


Cost of composting at our events & services per month


Buys five Siddurim – prayer books – since we’re growing rapidly and always need more

Other Amount

The sky’s the limit.