People don’t know this, but Judaism is ALL ABOUT LOVE. The word in Hebrew is ahavah. Say it with me: inhale…, exhale a-ha-vah. Do it again! Feels good to say it, feels good to breathe it.

I spent a lot of decades of life being single, enjoying Valentines’ Day vicariously though other peoples’ romances. I watched When Harry Met Sally every year for, like, a decade. We need reminders that love is possible, even after heartbreak, even after waiting for it. But that’s not the only kind of love, people.

I want to invite you to breathe in and breathe out today, remembering that it’s love that keeps your heart beating in your chest, that makes you laugh at stupid comedy, and smile at kittens and puppies and toddlers with shmutz on their faces. Breathe in and breathe out ahavah, the love that the trees give us as they exhale the oxygen we need to live, and we exhale the elements they need to live. Breathe in and breathe out love.

Call a friend, a parent, a cousin, a long lost lover, a boss whose leadership you’ve appreciated, or a co-worker whose presence you find delightful… and tell them how great you think they are, and how much you appreciate them. Find a tree and hug it, a CTA worker and smile…

All I know is that today is a day for giving away love. Okay, every day is, but use Valentine’s Day as your excuse today.

The more love you give, the more you’ll get back. And guess what: that cycle of love in and love out… that’s what we Jews call God. Happy Valentine’s Day!