Maggie’s Place

Expand your mind, get support, hear an interesting speaker virtually or in person (coming soon), build skills at one of our workshops or just a place to be you, in community.

Maggie’s Place is a center at Mishkan Chicago dedicated to building community through a holistic approach to wellness – social, spiritual, mental and emotional – through Jewish learning, leadership opportunities, social community, and access to social services and resources. Established in Maggie Miretzky’s memory by the Miretzky family, Maggie’s Place creates new ways to meet people, build friendships, and provide support to all people regardless of background, affiliation or ability to pay.

Since moving to the virtual space in the Spring of 2020, Maggie’s Place has been a cornerstone of our virtual programming and essential to building community for all people. This year’s virtual programming includes:

  • Spirituality and wellness programs suited for our diverse community
  • Bereavement and grief groups
  • One-on-one meetings between staff and participants – including supporting our current referral network of psychologist and social workers
  • Pandemic support programs
  • Affinity support groups such as expectant parents, LGBTQ and wise aging
  • Weekly meditation circle
  • Monthly recurring Women’s Group (Rosh Chodesh)
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Maggie’s Place

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Maggie’s Place

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Imagine What’s Possible

Since moving virtual in the Spring of 2020, we’ve seen friendships develop, individuals in need gain access to social services, and a new cross section of our community emerge with a shared goal of nurturing the mind, body and spirit.

1708 participants have attended 130 programs.

14 people have received referrals for ongoing services or care for issues ranging from substance abuse to depression to career support.

Making a Difference

“Community in a time of isolation. A reason to get out of bed.”

“[This program] is a surprising silver lining of pandemic life. It can be easy to fall in a rut, especially these days, and through this I have found support in a kind, loving, and forgiving home base.”

“With the pandemic necessitating so much unstructured time alone, the consistency of caring community continues to carry me through the day. I literally don’t know how I would be surviving this pandemic without my cup flowing over with the love and support of this program.”

From Sharon, Alan & Molly

We can hardly believe how much Maggie’s Place has accomplished since its launch in 2017. With your support, we’re excited to continue building on this success! We’re so grateful for our partners at Mishkan Chicago for helping get Maggie’s Place off the ground and helping us to build something that honors Maggie’s legacy of helping others. Thank you for helping make Maggie’s Place possible and for continuing to support this important work.

About Maggie

Maggie Miretzky was a beautiful and kind daughter, sister, cousin and friend.

She would bend over backwards to help out her family and friends, and to make brighter the lives of those who knew her. She was at the top of her class at Walter Payton High School, attended Northwestern University, and was a practicing doula–a quintessential service profession that perfectly captured Maggie’s generous spirit. She also loved tennis and softball, took pride in all things Jewish, could recite the dialogue from “Friends” from memory, and was known amongst family and friends for her quick wit and classic ‘Maggie-isms.’ Maggie Place is our way of paying tribute to Maggie’s memory, establishing her legacy and continuing her life’s work of helping others.

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