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Love, money, politics, prayer, sex, meditation, justice, spirituality. Torah, Talmud, kabbalah, mysticism, prayerbook, Hebrew, Aramaic.

And that’s just what we’ve already got on the calendar for feeding your head and spirit. Judaism is a holistic, intellectual-spiritual collection of practices, texts and ideas, and nobody has learned all there is to know. That’s why all of our classes are open to all levels of students entering with a diversity of backgrounds. We move fast, go deep and have big conversations. Join us, push your comfort zone and open your mental horizons to the Judaism they never taught you in Sunday school.

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S&M Bet Midrash

S stands for SVARA: A Traditionally Radical Yeshiva. M stands for Mishkan. Together, the S & M Bet Midrash has been the most exciting space to do serious, sophisticated Talmud learning in an egalitarian setting in Chicago, that invites everyone to the table to learn and honors the Queer perspective.

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Social Justice Bet Midrash

Mishkan Chicago, in partnership with the Jewish Council on Urban Affairs and AVODAH: The Jewish Service Corp, team up to bring Chicago the first all-levels, open-to-everybody Social Justice Beit Midrash. In this space we will examine Jewish sources on pressing social issues, facilitating deep thinking, constructive debate, and greater facility with Jewish text.

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Mishkan will be offering classes independently and with Orot: The Center for New Jewish Learning, to create regular opportunities for “sits,” that is, people coming together to meditate.

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“Before, Talmud had been a mysterious and intimidating body of knowledge we thought we could never penetrate. Now we feel it’s been opened up for us and we can take claim to it. The learning process has been intense and difficult but well worth it.”

Larry & Karen K.