Our Music

Prayer is song, and song can be prayer.

“The only language that seems to be compatible with the wonder and mystery of being is the language of music.” Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel

But let’s be honest: you don’t need some fancy rabbi to tell you that music matters when we show up for prayer. You know it when you feel it, when you feel that unmistakable sense of being lifted and propelled higher on the wings of a soaring niggun – words, voices and harmonies blending together to create a moment that has no other word to describe it other than magical. Spiritual. Holy. A moment that transcends our differing beliefs and questions, and simply asserts the presence of beauty and connection.

Hear Our Music

We invite you experience inspired, down-to-earth Judaism, wherever you are in the world, and wherever you are on your journey. Check out A Taste of Mishkan, our professionally recorded CD, or check us out on Soundcloud.



A Taste of Mishkan

Mishkan’s super talented Davening Team professionally live-recorded an album of the tunes you know and love from Friday nights, High Holidays and more. Get your own copy.

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