Because You’re Mishkan

At a time when so many of us crave a sense of hope, Mishkan is a testament to the power of building more goodness through Jewish practice and community. Our prayer, music, Jewish learning, wellness programs, the Mensch Academy, family programs, and social justice work have created a way in for 4,500 people this year alone.

If you want there to be a space for inspiration and community-building that brings our ancient Jewish values into newfound expression in radically inclusive, modern ways, and you believe that we must engage the next generation in that holy work, please donate today.

You are a part of our story – our family – and we hope you consider Mishkan part of yours. Your gift directly supports our ability to lead thousands of people toward greater purpose, connection, and inspiration. And that’s what it’s all about.

Many companies offer workplace giving opportunities. Check to see if your company is one of them!


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The easiest, no-frills way to give. Donate online with your credit card or mail your check to:

Mishkan Chicago
4001 N. Ravenswood #101
Chicago, Illinois 60613

If you contribute to your favorite causes using a Donor Advised Fund – at JUF, Fidelity, Vanguard, or Schwab to name a few – you can recommend that a contribution be made to Mishkan Chicago! Send us a note and we’ll be on the lookout for your gift.

To make a gift in honor of a simcha (celebration) or passing of a loved one, donate using this form and make sure to complete the “Tribute Information” section. We are happy to notify the honoree or family of your gift if you provide us with contact name and address.

We are happy to accept gifts of stock! Please contact our Executive Director, Rachel Cort, for brokerage information.
Mishkan welcomes planned gifts in the form of bequests, life insurance, IRAs, 401(k) or 403(b) plans. Making planned gifts like these may generate tax benefits for you and provide long-term support for Mishkan. Want to chat more about this? Contact our Director of Development, Rhonda Abrams for more information.

Giving Levels

In our everybody-friendly community, all are welcome, regardless of ability to pay to join as Builders or pay to attend specific programs. Part of what makes this possible is the generosity of many, including those giving at higher levels. We have several special opportunities for these folks throughout the year as a way of saying, “hey, thanks for keeping us radically inclusive!”

Macher Collective
In Yiddish, macher means a person who gets things done, literally a “maker.” We are aware of the connotations of the word and are reclaiming it as a force for good in the world! This group makes this community possible for so many others with their support.

You’re family! And like any strong mishpucha, people contribute in different ways to create a warm, vibrant, loving home for themselves and others.

Derech Eretz
$2,000-$4,999 donors

This Hebrew phrase is translated literally to “way of the land,” but is used more colloquially to describe people who are friendly, helpful and good.