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We believe that Judaism is a vehicle to bring more light, more justice, more healing, more love, and more joy into the world. And that’s what it’s all about.


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Our mission is to engage, educate, empower and inspire people through dynamic experiences of Jewish prayer, music, learning, social activism and community building.

Whether in person or online, through music or Talmud or powerful conversations, whether in services or social events, Mishkan is reimagining and reinvigorating the next generation of Judaism in Chicago and beyond.

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Purim 2018: Party Hard, Stay Woke

All bets are off and things aren’t exactly what they seem… so join us for the full Megillah, delightfully snarky spiel and variety show, drinking, dancing, party games, and a conceptual costume contest throw down. It’s Purim!

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“Music is the language of the soul.” 

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Rabbi Lizzi Heydemann

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“Mishkan has given me a space to reconnect with my religion. It is the hybrid spiritual-intellectual community that I’ve always dreamt about but never thought could exist.”

Scott H.

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