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We believe that Judaism is a vehicle to bring more light, more justice, more healing, more love, and more joy into the world. And that’s what it’s all about.

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Take a look at how Mishkan has grown and all we’ve been able to offer since the start of the pandemic. We did this with your help, with your Buildership, with your support. Let’s keep building this modern-day Mishkan together, and get excited for what tomorrow may hold.

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Contact Chai is a podcast from Mishkan Chicago, hosted by Rabbi Lizzi Heydemann. In each episode, Rabbi Lizzi is joined by a guest to explore down-to-earth spiritual practice.

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The Morning Scroll is a podcast from Mishkan Chicago, hosted by Rabbi Deena Cowans. Tune in for some bite-sized parsha study every week!

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Upcoming Events

High Holidays 5782

High Holy Fest: Get Higher 5782

Join Mishkan Chicago for the High Holidays! In-person (outside) or virtual — you decide what works best for you! Register ASAP!

More Info About High Holy Fest

Steven Chaitman and Mollie Flink with a lulav and etrog earlier this week for our first Sukkot program. ⁠

TONIGHT, we come together again for a community picnic in Winnemac Park! Stop by our sukkah, meet some new friends, and enjoy the start of fall together. The (BYO)picnic begins at 6 pm followed by blessings (kiddish and motzi) at 6:40 pm.⁠

Register at link in our bio!⁠

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Join us tomorrow for a community picnic in Winnemac Park! Stop by our sukkah, meet some new friends, and enjoy the start of fall together. The (BYO)picnic begins at 6 pm followed by blessings (kiddish and motzi) at 6:40 pm.⁠

Register at the link in our bio!⁠

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Join our joyful Rabbi team for Sukkot Unplugged, an intimate and stripped-down version of festival services for Erev Sukkot. Whether you’re tuning in from your living room or your very own sukkah, celebrate the beginning of fall and the abundance we find in community. Tonight at 6:30 pm Central! Tune in on Facebook Live (link in our bio!)⁠

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Live music, tonight! Join us for Kol Nidre through our livestream at 6:45 pm. Register right now and you'll receive an access link in your confirmation email!⁠

Link in bio!

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This episode concludes a three-part series diving into the High Holidays. In this episode, Rabbi Deena Cowans is in conversation with her friend and mentor, Rabbi Stephanie Ruskay about social justice, the High Holidays, and preparing our hearts and souls for a year of empathy, action, teshuvah and justice. ⁠

Listen at the link in bio!

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We hope you're taking it easy this weekend! Take Mira's lead and chill before Kol Nidre on Wednesday night and Yom Kippur on Thursday! ⁠

And if you haven't already registered, click the link in our bio to scoop your tickets to in-person services or our livestream!⁠

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The Shabbat between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur has a special name: Shabbat Shuva, meaning the Shabbat of return, or repentance, or turning over a new leaf. Tune into this ten minute Shabbat service tonight to pray and reflect on how you want to put the pieces in place for a year of peace, love, kindness, health and good living.

We recommend lighting some candles, silencing your phone, and setting the stage for an intentional Friday night ritual.

Follow the link in our bio for the full ten-minute guided service.

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Rosh Hashanah was a blast!⁠

Thanks to all who joined us in person at the Chicago History Museum and over livestream and then again at Welles Park for some singing and inspiration. ⁠

We're so excited to start this new year with you!⁠

Register for Kol Nidre and Yom Kippur at the link in our bio! We have some lawn tickets available, as well as livestream tickets for those who want to tune in from the comfort of home. ⁠

L'shannah tovah!

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Due to severe weather warnings, we are moving the Musaf service indoors at 2 pm. The service will take place in the McCormick Theatre on the first floor of the Chicago History Museum. Due to moving indoors with such short notice, we will not be able to live-stream the Musaf service.⁠

Thank you for joining us this morning for services in-person and via livestream

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Need some pre-New Year listening? ⁠

Tune into this conversation between Rabbi Lizzi and Jay Michaelson, a writer who works at the intersection of politics and spirituality. In this half hour episode, they discuss the power, potential and pitfalls in mining our shared tradition's liturgy, practices and themes. ⁠

Link to listen and to our transcript in bio!⁠

[image description: A light tye-dye background with the words "Listen, Contact Chai, down-to-earth Judaism in conversation" at the top left. On the top right it reads "Apple, Spotify, Pandora" and on the bottom it reads "The High Holidays: Mining the Wreck with Jay Michaelson." Centered there are two photos side by side. One of Rabbi Lizzi in a black blazer, red lipstick and short black hair. To the right, a photo of a bearded man with short salt and pepper hair in a blazer and a white t-shirt. They are both smiling.]

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#throwbackthursday #tbt⁠

Yes sure, this is Rabbi Lizzi at a wedding, but can't you just imagine her clapping like this on Tuesday during Rosh Hashanah??⁠

Join us on the livestream for some incredible live music from our Davening Team! Tickets available at the link in our bio.

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Are you passionate about a building community in which people feel connected to one another? Join our team!⁠

Mishkan is hiring a Communications Manager to work closely with our Director of Communications! This role is the perfect fit for someone who loves to write, has a great eye for copyediting, an interest in marketing and a passion for storytelling. ⁠

Learn more about the role at the link in our bio! And spread the word! We want to reach applicants from all over!

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TODAY IS THE LAST DAY to register for in-person Rosh Hashanah!⁠

On Tuesday, September 7th (next week!) we will come together at the Chicago History Museum for Morning Service and Torah Service, followed by the shofar blast and tashlich, rounding out the day with our Musaf Service - not to mention Family Services early in the morning for those with kiddos to entertain. ⁠

Find more information at the link in our bio!⁠

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Our next cohort of Exploring Judaism begins soon! This class is an opportunity to explore how you want to live as a Jew for people who did not grow up practicing or identifying with Judaism – whether you’re studying to convert or looking to bring Judaism into your multi-faith home. Contact [email protected] for more information!⁠

Pictured above: Rabbi Deena with last year's cohort. ⁠

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We're bringing you some inspiring conversations ahead of the High Holidays! In this episode of Contact Chai, Rabbi Steven is joined by his friend and sought-after writer, speaker and deep thinker — Casper ter Kuile. Tune in for a conversation that digs into the power of convening in person and what it means to engage with digital community gathering in the 21st Century. ⁠

And stay tuned for episode three coming out this week featuring Rabbi Deena in conversation with Rabbi Stephanie Ruskay all about justice and taking care of ourselves and others.

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