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We believe that Judaism is a vehicle to bring more light, more justice, more healing, more love, and more joy into the world. And that’s what it’s all about.

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Take a look at how Mishkan has grown over the last ten years. We did this with your help, with your Buildership, with your support. Let’s keep building our modern-day Mishkan together, and get excited for what tomorrow may hold.

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Contact Chai is a podcast from Mishkan Chicago, hosted by Rabbi Lizzi Heydemann. In each episode, Rabbi Lizzi is joined by a guest to explore down-to-earth spiritual practice.

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This week's parsha is all about choosing a leader, and it just so happens to be a primary election today! Have you voted yet?⁠

Learn all about an election so divided it split open the earth on today's Morning Scroll podcast with Rabbi Deena.

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It's Pride Happy Hour somewhere. ...

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Mishkan's Friday Night Shabbat service, held shortly after the news broke that Roe v. Wade had been overturned, is now available in its entirety on the Contact Chai podcast.⁠

Because we were unable to livestream video from our outdoor venue, a number of you in our community reached out to see if we could record an audio version of the service. Thanks to the hard work of our Shabbat Producer Anna Gelman and our production team, we are able to provide this high quality recording of our June 24th, 2022 service. In the coming days, we will also publish written versions of the sermons from this service on the Mishkan blog.

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Looking for some family fun this weekend? Come to our Shabbat Park Hang this Saturday from 10 - 11 am. We will meet simultaneously at two locations: Winnemac Park in Ravenswood (for kids ages 0-4) or Margaret Donohue Park in Lakeview (kids of all ages). We can't wait to see you!⁠

Register at the link in bio.

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Will you march with us in the Chicago Pride Parade? Register now to walk with Mishkan and other Jewish communities, and then we'll see you this Sunday at 10 am!⁠

Link in bio.

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Rabbi Steven and the latest guest on Contact Chai go back — way back. In fact, that's him laying hands on R'Steven during his ordination.⁠

Rabbi Moskowitz is the Scholar-in-Residence for Trans and Queer Jewish Studies at Congregation Beit Simchat Torah, the world's largest LGBT synagogue. He spoke with R'Steven about his experience as a rabbi ordained in the Ultra-Orthodox movement who advocates relentlessly for the trans community.

Link in bio.

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Our faces when we remember that this Friday, June 24th, we're hosting a Pride Happy Hour. Sit & sip with us OUTside before the service, 5:15 - 6:15 pm.⁠

Link in bio.

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Thank you to all our helping hands on Family Volunteer Night! We learned about decision making with limited resources, and made packages to offer to people experiencing homelessness. ...

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On June 19th, 1865, Black people in Galveston, Texas finally heard of the Emancipation Proclamation. For two years, white authorities had suppressed this information, but the truth could not be contained forever.⁠

Our ancestors heralded the coming of a Jubilee year, when everyone was set free, with a special shofar blast — then they made it happen. We must continue to loudly proclaim that the walls of institutionalized racism are still standing while also doing the hard work of dismantling them.⁠

To learn more about what Mishkan is doing to create welcoming and inclusive spaces, check out our Racial Equity page.⁠

Link in bio.

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We would tell you how much fun Builder Bash was, but we don't want to make you jealous. ...

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Thank you to all the Mishkanites who attended the March For Our Lives. We met up early to pray and sing, then went to the rally ready to bring our whole selves to the fight against gun violence. ...

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Whether it's your first service in a while or your first Shabbat with us ever, we can't wait to see you tonight. Friday Night Shabbat is at Second Unitarian (and livestream!) from 6:30 - 8:30 pm.⁠

Link in bio.

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This Saturday, Mishkan will join the March For Our Lives to call for our government to take action on gun violence. Meet us downtown at 10:45 am for a Pre-Rally Shabbat Service so we can head to the march feeling inspired. Let's blow a shofar blast for freedom and make our voices heard!⁠

You can see both events, the service and the rally, on our calendar. Link in bio.

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Builder Bash is back! We are celebrating our Mishkan Builders next Wednesday, June 15th, from 5:30 - 7:30 pm. We're partying at Park & Field, a beautiful indoor-outdoor venue, which is perfect, because the forecast says it's going to be a warm night!⁠

Link in bio.

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Our Shavuot Picnic Revelation Celebration was a sensation! What have you been learning (or baking!) during Shavuot? ...

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Good (almost) Shabbos! Tomorrow morning, we will be at JCYS for a Saturday Morning Shabbat service from 9:30 am - noon. There will be a Playground Hang for the little ones, too!⁠

Link in bio.

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This Shavuot, we're diving deep — into Torah and cheesecake. Join us at Anshe Emet this Saturday night for Tikkun Leil Shavuot, where we'll learn from a host of fascinating people across the wider Chicago Jewish community, including Rabbi Lizzi. This event is free, no registration required.⁠

Learn more at the link in bio.

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Mishkan's Power Women showed up in force last night at JCUA's Acts of Change dinner. ...

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Come celebrate Shavuot with us in Welles Park this Sunday. A Torah study for adults (ever wonder what psychedelics have to do with Ezekiel?) will be followed by a study for kids and then a pizza picnic.⁠

See the full schedule and topics at the link in bio.

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Wanna come to a party on Saturday? It's a study party. R'Lizzi will be one of the educators at the Lakeview Tikkun Leil Shavuot from 10pm - 4am. Stay up with us and cram Torah (and dairy!).⁠

Link in bio.

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We have so many plans for Shavuot! This Saturday, Mishkan's Queer Small Group is having a Shavuot Tasting Dinner. Then, we'll be staying up late at the Lakeview Tikkun Leil. On Sunday morning, we're studying together at the Shavuot Picnic and Revelation Celebration. Finally, our usual minyan on Monday will be a special Shavuot Morning Minyan.⁠

Check out our Events Calendar for more information. Link in bio.⁠

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Happy Memorial Day! We hope you get a chance to enjoy this beautiful weather. ...

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Join us tonight for services at Second Unitarian from 6:30 - 8:30 pm. Rabbi Micah is under the weather, so tonight’s extra-musical Kabbalat Shabbat will be led by the Davening Team.

Please note that as a result of R’Micah’s illness, tomorrow’s Rise & Shine will be cancelled. But we look forward to seeing everyone tonight at Friday Night Shabbat!

Livestream link in bio.

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Due to unforeseen circumstances, tonight's Mishmar with R'Micah has been cancelled. Thank you for understanding. ...

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Halakhah is a path. So what do you do when you feel like you've veered off that path, into the scary unknown? Aaron has been there.⁠

It's all on the latest Morning Scroll with R'Deena:⁠⁠

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Tonight! We are joined by Arya Marvazy of the Jews of Color Initiative for an inspiring Virtual Friday Night Shabbat. Then, tomorrow morning, join our Saturday Morning Shabbat in-person at JCYS or virtually on our YouTube livestream.⁠

Check out our events calendar to learn more, link in bio.

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This Friday, Rabbi Lizzi will be joined by Arya Marvazy, the Senior Director of Programs for the Jews of Color Initiative.⁠

A first generation Iranian-American and proud queer Jew 15 years into his arc of Jewish communal service, Arya is passionate about empowering diverse identities, enriching equitable communities, and ensuring inclusive pathways toward Jewish continuity.⁠

Join us tomorrow, May 20th, at 6:30 pm to hear about Arya's fascinating story and work!⁠

Link in bio.

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Have you volunteered to be a Shabbat Greeter yet? Benefits include: creating a culture of radical hospitality, meeting new people, and racking up cosmic mitzvah brownie points.⁠

Sign up today! We could really use your help this Saturday.⁠

Link in bio.

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We hope you made the most of the sun this weekend — we sure did! ...

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Thank you to everyone who raised their voices with us at the Rally For Abortion Justice today. ...

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Tonight, we're doing Shabbat in the park, and it's BYOB — bring your own blanket. Services will be in Northcenter Town Plaza from 6:30 - 8:30 pm.⁠

Link in bio.

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Our support group for trans, nonbinary, and gender non-conforming teens begins on May 22nd. This twice-monthly group is drop-in, so you are free to join for any summer session even if you cannot make the first session this month.⁠

More details and registration at the link in bio.

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This Saturday, May 14th, Mishkan will be joining the Bans Off Our Bodies rally for reproductive rights. Want to attend with your fellow Mishkanites? Meet us at 8:50 am at the playground in Union Park. There, Rabbi Lizzi will lead us in song and prayer, and we'll walk to the march together feeling inspired.⁠

Sign up at the link in bio.

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Schmooze with other parents of 12-24 month olds at this low-key Shabbat playdate. Business casual baby attire not required.⁠

Link in bio.

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Thank you, moms! ...

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Hold on. Why are we praying "for the sake of the unification of God" during the Counting of the Omer? Isn't God already One?!⁠

Rabbi Lizzi (and the Kabbalists!) have the answer.⁠

Link in bio.

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Tonight, many will observe Yom HaAtzmaut, Israeli Independence Day. Yet we recognize it is not only Israelis who have lost loved ones to this ongoing conflict, and we are not the only People which yearns for safety and dignity. A lasting peace can only be achieved through mutual respect and solidarity between Israelis and Palestinians.⁠

“May the One who makes peace above, make peace below — among our people, among all people. And let us say, amen.”

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