Shabbat Services

Our services are an inspired mix of Jewish influences: camp sing alongs, more traditional prayer styles, secular tunes and spiritual influences from beyond the Jewish world.

Shabbat is all about creating the holy space in our busy lives to capture and celebrate their significance, whether the place we’re at is a moment of gratitude and joy, or a place of loneliness and loss. Prayer clears space in our hearts to connect our souls to the moment, and to the greater Presence. We do that in Shabbat services at Mishkan with music, with meditation, with the traditional words of Jewish prayer, and by giving space to create our own words. We call ourselves post-denominational because we get inspiration from many sources across the Jewish spectrum. We use musical instruments, sometimes share videos, and bring both a sense of playfulness and seriousness to Jewish prayer and ritual.

We are an everybody-friendly, radically inclusive community. You are always welcome.

Our services are available to live-stream on our YouTube channel and sermons are made available on our Podcast.


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The Mishkan service brought my core values to the forefront, and it did so through the power of music, discussion, and inspirational leadership.

Lauren R.

Our Music

“The only language that seems to be compatible with the wonder and mystery of being is the language of music.”