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Mishkan is a spiritual Jewish community in Chicago reclaiming Judaism’s inspiration and transformative essence. Not bound by a particular location like a traditional synagogue, we create radically inclusive spaces for Jewish spiritual practice and community. We’re on a mission to engage, educate, and empower people across the spectrum of identity, background, age, and belief.

The Torah describes the Mishkan as a tent that the ancient Israelites carried with them through the desert, creating holy space whenever and wherever they stopped to gather in it. They brought God’s presence into its midst, where ever the people would set it up and bring the best of themselves – their hearts, their talents and their treasures. Likewise, we are brought together by our belief that through music, prayer, study and tikkun (repairing the world), we transform ourselves and the world.

Welcome to Mishkan. We’re glad you’re here.

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Our Davening Team is one of a kind! ⁠

Come listen to them and sing along on Friday at our Pop-Up Pride Shabbat. ⁠

Register at the link in bio!

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Check out our most recent Shabbat Replay featuring a drash from R'Deena, about activist Opal Lee Juneteenth and being a champion for justice. ⁠ ...

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Tonight! #TGIF #shabbatshalom⁠ ...

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Tomorrow! ⁠

The sun is out, let’s get together for singing and stories in Winnemac Park! Rabbi Deena will kick it off with singing and stories, followed by shmoozing for all ages. ⁠

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Mensch Academy registration is now open for the 2021-22 school year. Learn more and register your student today!⁠

Mensch Academy is a space where kids feel loved enough and safe enough to take risks and experiment with Jewish tradition, making it their own and becoming the best versions of themselves. Our professional facilitators and low student to teacher ratio help meet the needs of each student.⁠

This fall, we intend to hold in-person sessions. While we celebrate this truly wonderful intention and possibility, we will continue to prioritize the health and safety of our students and staff and will provide regular updates to our plans in the weeks to come!⁠

Link in bio!

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Register today for our Pop-Up Pride Shabbat on June 25th! ⁠

Capacity is limited so head to the link in bio for more info and to reserve your spot ASAP!⁠

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Check out last Saturday's Learning in the Park (for Adults)! Perhaps you recognize Welles Park from the gorgeous gazebo? ⁠

Join us again on July 10th for another morning of learning by registering at the link in our bio!

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Back by popular demand! Do you have a middle-schooler in need of a good time? This is a program designed for them. All rising 6th – 8th graders are invited to connect and hang out while playing online games together like Among Us, Minecraft, and more. Aviva S. will host this low-key gaming night every Tuesday starting June 15th at 4:30pm.⁠

Register at the link in bio!⁠

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Tonight! #TGIF ⁠ ...

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There is a Jewish tradition that on Shabbat, we get an extra soul — come nourish it in the park with learning and community. Spend your Saturday learning with Rabbis Deena and Lizzi in Welles Park. We’ll dive deep into text study, pairing off into chevruta (partner) style learning. Bring your own blanket or chair, coffee or snacks, as there will also be time for some schmoozing after all this time apart!⁠

Register at the link for this Saturday!

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Tomorrow! ⁠

The things you love about Mishkan in the morning: music, stretching, learning, and inspiration. And join R’ Deena after services (around 11:30 am) to dive deeper into the parsha and what Rashi, the OG biblical commentator, had to say about it! Plus, this week we celebrate Judah C's BMitzvah!⁠

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#TBT Builder Pop-Up Shabbat!⁠

We had such a good time meeting up at North Center Town Square a few weeks ago for our first in-person Shabbat in over a year. ⁠

If you're thinking about becoming an official member at Mishkan, a 'Builder,' now is the time! As we begin to offer more in-person programs and gear up for the High Holidays, becoming a Builder will ensure you're the first to hear about limited capacity programs and reduced rate events. Plus, we're committed to inclusivity, so if you're not sure how you'd swing it, know that we're committed to making it work with you. ⁠

Link for more information on Buildership in bio!

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Gilead Church and Mishkan Chicago team up (again!) for a queer, storytelling lovefest, kicking off Pride month with stories of queer faith! Bring your chair or picnic blanket and an outfit that screams “we’re here and we love the queers!” This event is in-person.⁠

Register at the link in bio!⁠

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Join us to learn more about our unique BMitzvah program centered around values of justice, community building, and joyful inspiration. In this hour long session, Rabbi Deena, Rabbi Lizzi, and Senior Family Educator and BMitzvah Coordinator Aviva Stein will dive into all you need to know about becoming BMitzvah with Mishkan. All families are invited for this virtual BMitzvah Orientation, but it’s especially geared toward students in 3rd – 5th grade.⁠

Register at link in bio!⁠

[image description: The words "Intro to BMitzvah: Virtual Orientation for Grades 3-5, Wed, Jun 9, 7 pm CST and a picture of two speech bubbles overlapping. The Mishkan pomegranate logo sits on the bottom right.]

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In partnership with Maggie’s Place, JCFS, and Base Hillel, this is for folks in their 20s/30s who have lost a parent, partner, or sibling. This will be co-facilitated by LCSWs: Essie Shachar-Hill and Marsha Raynes.⁠

RSVP by emailing Essie at [email protected]

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Tonight! Our signature Friday night services live-streamed through Facebook. Join us for music from our Davening Team, liturgy, and reflection from our rabbis. ⁠We will have closed-captions this week!⁠ And we will be celebrating the Aufruf of Mishkanites Megan Kessler and Michael Margolis.⁠

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#tbt ⁠

Link to listen in bio! ⁠

[image description: A quote from Jo-Ann Finkelstein that reads "I think it's a slippery slope. I think it starts with all of those more mild types of gender bias and sexism that allows for the cruder violence we hear about in the news." Next to the quote is a picture of a smiling white woman with long hair (Jo-Ann). The top of the image reads: Listen | Contact Chai.]

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This Saturday! The sun is out, let’s get together for singing and stories in Winnemac Park! Rabbi Deena and Rachel Mylan will kick it off with singing and stories, followed by shmoozing for all ages. BYOPicnic and blanket, playground provided. Meet up just east of the Winnemac Playground (by the corner Argyle and Leavitt)!⁠

[image description: The words "Singing and Stories in the Park: Family Shabbat, May 29th, 10:30 am CST, overlaying a blurred picture of Winnemac Park (willow trees and vibrant red and green leaves). The Mishkan pomegranate logo sits on the bottom right.]

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May is Mental Health Awareness Month, but wellbeing is a year round endeavor. That's why we're proud to offer services through Maggie's Place that take a holistic approach to wellness through self-care and community support.⁠

You can learn more about Maggie's Place at the link in bio, and, as always, if you're seeking additional emotional, physical, financial, or mental support, you can always email Ellie at [email protected] and together with Maggie's Place, we'll be ready to help.⁠

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Thank you EVERYONE who came out to the Davening Team Open Call yesterday. It was a true joy to sing in community with you. Drop some love in the comments or like the video if you also think these voices sound beautiful together! ...

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“Mishkan has given me a space to reconnect with my religion and created the hybrid spiritual-intellectual community that I’ve always dreamt about but never thought could exist.”

Scott H.

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The Torah describes a giving process to build the Mishkan based on peoples’ openness of heart. By giving, you create the future.