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Mishkan is a spiritual community in Chicago reclaiming Judaism’s inspiration and transformative essence. Not bound by a particular location, we create radically inclusive spaces for Jewish spiritual practice and community, engaging, educating, and empowering people across the spectrum of identity, background, age, and belief.

The Torah describes the Mishkan as a tent that the ancient Israelites carried with them through the desert, creating holy space whenever and wherever they stopped to gather in it. They brought God’s presence into its midst, where ever the people would set it up and bring the best of themselves – their hearts, their talents and their treasures. Likewise, we are brought together by our belief that through music, prayer, study and tikkun (repairing the world), we transform ourselves and the world.

Welcome to Mishkan. We’re glad you’re here.

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We want to give a big shoutout to Zade S. who packed 234 hygiene kits for the Night Ministry. As a member of our BMitzvah cohort, Zade chose to dedicate her Tzedek (justice) Project to gathering these donations — and what a success.⁠

Yasher ko’ach!⁠

Join us on Saturday for morning services to celebrate Zade's BMitzvah and to offer your congratulations. ⁠

#linkinbio for more info

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Y'all ready for this? ⁠

Clean your spiritual hametz with Passover-inspired yoga that will stretch across the holiday. Led by Rabbi Deena and sponsored by Maggie's Place, together we will sweat out what's blocking us and to move toward feeling more free. (This is a sweaty vinyasa flow, not a restorative yoga class) ⁠

Class costs $5 for the series and includes a custom sweatband (if you haven't already received one).⁠

Register here: https://www.mishkanchicago.org/event/yoga-with-your-rebbe-dayenu/2021-03-25/

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Direct service providers and therapists are invited to join us for a support group for you, by you. This is a place for sharing and talking about the difficulties of doing this work during a pandemic. ⁠

Bring your questions, concerns, and anything you want to share with a folks in the field with varied backgrounds. Sponsored by Mishkan, Maggie’s Place, and JCFS.⁠

Register at the #linkinbio⁠

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If you’re in your twenties and looking to up your cocktail game, join us for this interactive cocktail-making workshop. ⁠

Led by resident cocktail expert Zach Weinberg, together we will learn how to craft a homemade key ingredient (think bitters or syrup), make a cocktail, and then have a chance to sip and mingle. ⁠

Impress your pod or treat yourself to a new quarantine skill to accompany your bread baking. ⁠

Link to register in bio 🍸

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We're counting down the minutes until we can be together for Purim 5781: Maskin' Up. ⁠

In the meantime, drop your favorite filling in the comments. We wanna know what you like ⁠

🍓 🍑 🍫 *⁠

*Go with it, there are no apricot or raspberry or poppyseed emojis... ⁠

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We're so grateful to Builder Rena Rosen for joining our pre-Purim Shabbat last Friday. She offered a thoughtful kavanah on Jewish Disability Awareness & Inclusion Month and Purim — and we're thrilled to share it with you through Shabbat Replay on Contact Chai, Mishkan's podcast. ⁠

Get into the spirit of Purim and take a listen to Rena's words here at the link in bio ☀️ 🎧 👑

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Is it a costume if you match your panda? This is a serious question. Let us know.⁠

Chag purim sameach (almost!) and see you tonight!⁠

Link to register in bio.

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These babies are ready to party. You can tell because of the hairdo and the smile. Also because their parents need to have fun tonight. OK?! It's time to remember what fun is!⁠

If you haven't yet registered for Purim 5781, you can do that right now at the link in our bio 🙂 We have a Family Purim Party followed by a very rated R Spiel. And so much more! ⁠

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She is beauty, she is grace. She is... Queen Ash-ther.

We’ll be sharing our Purim getups throughout the day! Join us by tagging Mishkan in your posts- we want to see how you’re getting prepped for tonight’s festivities!

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Get spiritually prepped for Purim tomorrow night! Tune into the latest Shabbat Replay featuring a drash from R'Lizzi, as well as a kavanah from Builder Rena Rosen. ⁠

If you squirm at the story of Purim, this episode is for you. If you love Purim, this episode is for you. If you're not sure what Purim really has to offer, this. episode. is. for. you!⁠

Take a listen and leave a review to let us know what you think. #linkinbio

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Who is playing Mordechai in this year's Purim: A Drunk History? You'll have to join us on Thursday to find out. ⁠

Feel free to thread your guesses below...⁠

Register at the link in our bio!

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This is a chance for Mishkanites from across California to come together after Shabbat. The night will be led by Jazmine and Jeremy Aluma, two Builders from LA!⁠

Register at link in bio ☀️⁠

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Who is playing the King in this year's Purim: A Drunk History? You'll have to join us on Thursday to find out. ⁠

Feel free to thread your guesses below...⁠

Register at the link in our bio 👑

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Are you ready for Purim THIS THURSDAY? ⁠

Allow this picture of a tipsy R'Lizzi to help get you in the mood for a wacky night featuring our infamous Purim Spiel, Megillah reading, and this year's extra special Drunk History. ⁠

Family Program (rated G) starts at 5, followed by Community Breakout Dinners, the Spiel, Drunk History and the Megillah Reading. Come for some or stay for all! ⁠

Link to register for the night in bio!⁠


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This is a chance for Mishkanites from the DC Metro Area to come together before Shabbat. Led by Julie and Gary Moos from Alexandria, we’ll connect and get grounded before services. ⁠

Register at link in bio!⁠

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Cook, connect, and celebrate Purim with the 50s/60s crew! Led by Mishkanite Jacob Portman with Purim learning by Rabbi Lizzi, we will learn how to make savory hamentaschen together. ⁠

Register at the link in bio for TONIGHT!

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Tonight! ⁠

This week will feature a kavanah from Builder Rena Rosen on Jewish Disability Awareness & Inclusion Month and Purim! R'Lizzi will also drash about the upcoming holiday.⁠

Link to our Facebook in bio ☀️⁠

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“Mishkan has given me a space to reconnect with my religion and created the hybrid spiritual-intellectual community that I’ve always dreamt about but never thought could exist.”

Scott H.

Support inspired, down-to-earth Judaism in Chicago

The Torah describes a giving process to build the Mishkan based on peoples’ openness of heart. By giving, you create the future.