Social Justice at Mishkan

Tikkun, or healing and repairing what’s broken, is one of the core values at Mishkan. Channeling the energy we create in our services and leaning into social activism is important now more than ever.

Our justice work is centered around four key areas, addressing issues locally, nationally, and globally.

  1. Economic Justice: We work with ONE Northside, a mixed-income, multi-ethnic, intergenerational organization that unites diverse communities across Chicago, to tackle issues such as fair tax, affordable housing, and ending homelessness.
  2. Public Safety: We work with the JCUA, a historic nonprofit combating poverty, racism, and antisemitism, to create safer communities for all people. Having recently passed the groundbreaking Empowering Communities for Public Safety (ECPS) ordinance, we are focusing on a new campaign of treatment not trauma.
  3. Refugee Resettlement: Working with HIAS-JCFS, we are co-sponsoring two refugee households to resettle in Chicago. Our work includes preparing and furnishing their apartment, welcoming them at the airport, helping tutor any children, and assisting the adults as their adjust to their new home.
  4. Sustainability: Understanding that we face an unprecedented climate crisis, we are working to reduce our carbon footprint through more sustainable modes of transportation.

Interested in joining one of our teams? Contact Rabbi Steven to get involved.

Get Involved

Serve, rally, march, advocate, and get involved in myriad ways with our city and country. Check our justice events calendar and get involved.

Pray With Your Feet

Rally in style! Scroll down for signs you can print and take to the streets yourself.
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