Lifecycles and Celebrations

We want to help you honor your wedding, baby’s birth, or other lifecycle moment by connecting you to tradition and community while elevating your unique story.

We’re in the business of creating spirituality and inspiration for all people at all times… but for many of us, we become particularly spiritually awake and connected during transformational moments in life: the birth or coming of age of a child, marriage, divorce, death, and other remarkable “lifecycle” moments.

There are non-traditional moments to honor, too. Maybe it’s hanging a mezuzah on a new home, an unexpected surgery, or mourning a miscarriage – Mishkan is here for you.  

We are thrilled to build community with people from vastly diverse backgrounds in a non-judgmental, affirming space. Full access to the range of lifecycle ceremonies is a benefit to Buildership at Mishkan, which is available to all people. We also strongly recommend coming to check out a Shabbat service at Mishkan to get to know the community better.

We look forward to meeting you!


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To explore honoring your lifecycle moment(s) with Mishkan Chicago, please get in touch with us to set up an informational appointment to meet with one of our rabbis.  

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