Mishkan Core Values

Mishkan Chicago is a Jewish spiritual community that leads people toward more purposeful, more connected, and more inspired lives. We create Jewish spaces to bring your whole self, and be part of something larger than yourself. When we do that, we reimagine and breathe new life into Judaism, and we change the world.

We Take Care of Each Other

  • We treat one another with dignity and respect, whether fellow Mishkan staff members, children, or other community members. We assume positive intent, and choose kindness. 
  • We voice our truth through our own experiences and respect and hold sacred other experiences and stories. We maintain one another’s confidence. 
  • We look for opportunities to check in on and help one another in and beyond Mishkan programs. When possible, we volunteer and pitch in.
  • We honor each other’s boundaries and ask for permission before touching or hugging another person – kids and adults alike. And if we aren’t sure about whether something is okay, we ask.

We are Radically Inclusive

  • We are a spiritual home for Jews and non-Jews of a multitude of backgrounds and experiences, intentionally creating a welcoming and inclusive Jewish community for people who have not been represented historically in synagogues including interfaith couples and families, disabled people, Jews of Color, LGBTQ+ people, people in different family constellations, single people, and spiritual seekers.
  • As a community of people with diverse beliefs, religious backgrounds and observances, political differences, personalities and identities, we look to discover what brings us together and approach our array of experiences and identities with respect and an open mind. We respect and use people’s pronouns, and never assume how someone identifies as Jewish.
  • We commit to welcoming new faces and it is our shared responsibility to extend radical hospitality to all. So say hello, introduce yourself, and maybe even make a new friend.

We are Inspired and Down-to-Earth

    • We bring our whole selves, knowing that we are made in the image of G!d.
    • We believe that we matter and that our actions matter. We approach the world with a fundamental sense of hopefulness and desire to make tikkun, or healing what’s broken, in ourselves and the world around us.
    • We show up for our own Jewish experiences and show up to help others on their journeys, as well.

Receiving and Practicing Teshuvah

We bring a lens of dan l’chaf zechut – giving people the benefit of the doubt, assuming positive intentions. That said, everyone makes mistakes and when we do, we approach conflict with the principles of teshuvah – admitting where we caused harm, apologizing and attempting reconciliation between parties. Teshuvah and forgiveness may not be appropriate in all cases or situations. If you witness or experience harassment or abuse in Mishkan’s spaces, please see our Safety, Respect + Equity Reporting Policy.

Please feel free to contact us if you have questions. 

We’re glad you’re here.