Volunteer with Mishkan Avodah

The Mishkan in the Torah was built with the talents and gifts of the people. So is this Mishkan.

Mishkan Avodah (service in Hebrew) is the holy work of welcoming and supporting folks at Mishkan. We ask all community members to volunteer at services and events throughout the year to help us create a warm and radically inclusive community. 

Volunteering at Mishkan helps weave a stronger fabric of connection, support, and friendship in this community, and build muscles the world needs beyond it. Get in on the goodness.

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Looking to volunteer at Mishkan events? We would love to hear about your skills and interests. Be in touch!

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Support Squad

Help this community feel like community. Provide meals to new parents, folks home from the hospital, or during a shiva. Show up to a shiva or provide rides for folks at the hospital. 

Squad members sign up to be on our volunteer list for one year and assist as best fits their schedule!

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Shabbat Greeters

Shabbat greeters are the welcoming face that people see as they enter and exit services. Help us greet newcomers, hand out prayer book, and bid a Shabbat Shalom farewell to Miskanites on their way out. Sign up for a 30 minute shift below.

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