Our Mission

Mishkan Chicago leads people toward more purposeful, more connected, and more inspired lives. We create Jewish spaces to bring your whole self, and be part of something larger than yourself. As we connect to one another and to a life-affirming Jewish tradition, we breathe new life into Judaism and we change the world.

Our Core Values

We take care of each other.
We are radically inclusive.
We are inspired and down-to-earth.

For more on how we live out our values, please see here.

Our Strategic Priorities

In 2021, we went through an organization-wide strategic plan refresh. Four years since our last strategic plan, we knew there were priorities that needed additional focus, and in the midst of a pandemic, new priorities emerged. These four themes will infuse our work in 2022 and moving forward, and in 2023, we expect to undertake another Strategic Plan.

  1. Focusing on Diversity/Equity/Inclusion and accessibility across the organization.
  2. Maintaining the sense of intimacy that keeps people feeling seen and known in the midst of a larger community.
  3. Helping our community move from occasional visitors to Builders to leaders.
  4. Exploring how use of technology fits into our communal landscape, locally and beyond Chicago.