Mishkan celebrates all major Jewish holidays (and some minor ones). Through original holiday experiences hosted in spaces across the city, we create space for individuality, vulnerability, connection, dance, song, discussion, silence, feasting and fasting, oh, and fun. We infuse tradition with inspiration, piety with just a tad of irreverence. We take the good stuff and pass it on.

Purim: Haman’s Democracy

“They tried to kill us, we survived, let’s eat,” is a child’s description of what our holidays are about. On a deeper level, our holidays take philosophy, history, spirituality, and good old fashion Jewish neurosis about the precariousness of life, and elevate them to a level of religious significance. Purim is the holiday par excellence that allows our light and our shadow side, our good and our crazy and our scary, to be revealed. One night only.

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This year, for the festival of lights, we gather with friends from diverse communities to hear true stories of hope and defiance during this dark season. Let’s gather for holiday themed food, menorah-lighting, and an interfaith story slam, all co-hosted with Gilead Church, Bodhi Spiritual Center, and Lincoln Park Presbyterian Church.


From our Passover retreat in the woods to a community seder of epic proportions, we’re always looking for new ways to tell the story of redemption from slavery to liberation.

Revelation & Revolution: Shavu’ote

Torah isn’t a scroll, it’s a lifestyle. Receiving Torah didn’t happen once at Sinai. It happens every time we stretch ourselves, learn new things, expand beyond what thought possible for ourselves – morally, philosophically, religiously, spiritually. Our Shavu’ote celebration at brings together everything from mixology to relationship counseling to exploring ancient Israelite food sources to guest indy rocker Ezra Furman.

Get Higher: High Holidays

Our tradition asserts that tikkun atzmi (self repair) is actually the basic recipe for tikkun olam (healing of the world), and we spend the 10 holy days of repentance from Rosh Hashannah to Yom Kippur creating real-time, face-to-face community of reflection, prayer, and collective transformational power. We immerse ourselves in it for the sake of taking it back out into the world – to uplift, to agitate, to inspire, to challenge, to grow, and to heal.

Holy Pandemonium! Simhat Torah

The last of the torrent of fall holidays, this is the crown, the top, the end, the last gasp, the finale – and is all about celebration. Singing, dancing, hearing what Torah folks in the community will throw down amidst circles of dancing.