S&M Bet Midrash

S stands for SVARA: A Traditionally Radical Yeshiva.
M stands for Mishkan.

Together, the S & M Bet Midrash has been the most exciting space to do serious, sophisticated Talmud learning in an egalitarian setting in Chicago, that invites everyone to the table to learn and honors the Queer perspective.

Requirements for each session include:

  • Commit to the whole 6-session class.
  • Check out the New Learners Orientation.
  • Know how to read Hebrew letters (the alef bet).

The S & M Bet Midrash is an amazing opportunity for seasoned learners and people who have never studied before to experience the intellectual challenge and spiritual rigor of Talmud study in a warm, open and inclusive environment. Read more on SVARA’s website.

Upcoming Session Details Coming Soon

“The six-week S&M class has changed me for the better. It has reminded me that when we take a small risk, a small step, the world seems new again. I never thought that in six weeks I would be able to recite, read and understand as much as I have in the class!”

Shalisha E.