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This year, a generous foundation has offered to match all new and increased gifts to Mishkan, up to $375,000!

How does it work? If you gave to Mishkan in 2016 (including via Buildership): increase your giving by any amount in 2017 and the whole amount will be matched. (For example, if you gave $20 in 2016 and increase to $25 in 2017, all $25 will be matched!) Gifts from donors who did not support Mishkan in 2016 are also eligible to be matched.

Which gifts are eligible? Buildership, High Holiday pledges, one-time donations and gifts from family foundations.

Want to help us make the match but aren’t sure how much you gave in 2016? Please contact Rachel Cort to talk about giving in such a way that your gift will be matched.

By giving, you create the future.

Your generosity makes it possible for us to create visionary Judaism in Chicago. So if you’ve been moved by a service, come to a holiday celebration, enjoyed one of our classes or workshops, or if you have a son or daughter or sister or friend whom you know loves this community and wants to see it thrive and grow, please open your heart and give.

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Be a Builder

A Builder is someone who says, “I believe in the work this community is doing. I want to see it grow and flourish, and become a mainstay on the Chicago Jewish spiritual landscape.”

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The State of The Mishkan

Curious to know how we’ve grown this year? We’re happy to share! Check out our annual report on Mishkan’s progress to learn more about what we’ve been up to and how your support powers our growth!

State of the Mishkan

Support inspired, down-to-earth Judaism in Chicago

Mishkan Chicago exists to engage, educate, empower and inspire the next generation of Jews.

In 2015 we served over 2,500 unique individuals, through dynamic experiences of Jewish prayer, learning, social activism, and community building. Our audience, consisting primarily of young Jewish adults, are drawn to our progressive, musical, and spiritually sophisticated services and programs. We often hear that Mishkan is accessible, inclusive and intellectually stimulating.
Here at Mishkan, we are reinventing the way contemporary Jewish communities look, feel and practice. We are putting Chicago on the map as a hub of Jewish innovation. We are touching the lives of thousands of people each year, and we are growing. Help us grow by supporting the important work that we do. Make a gift today.

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