Closed Captions for Services

We are offering real time captioning for both in-person services and the live-stream. We are using a service called Ava. You may want to use this service if you are deaf, or hard of hearing, if you speak English as a second language, or if you find that reading captions helps increase your comprehension of what is being said. You can use the service if you are watching our online livestream and you can also use it on your phone if you are at High Holiday services in person.  

  1. To access it on your web browser, click here and search for mishkanchi
  2. To access it on your phone you will need to download the “Ava: Best Live Transcription” app on iOS or Android. Once you’ve downloaded the app, click “Join an Ava Room” at the top, hit “search by AVA Name” and enter mishkanchi in the search bar. 

If you try to join the Ava room when we are not running services, it will not work.

For technical assistance, please email [email protected].

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