The Mishkan in the Torah was built with the talents and gifts of the people. So is this Mishkan.

“Services” isn’t a word that only describes prayer services. It’s literally about service. Helping out, and doing so in ways that suit your personality, whether you’re a people-person or prefer a more behind-the-scenes kind of role. Volunteering at Mishkan helps weave a stronger fabric of connection, support, and friendship in this community, and build muscles the world needs beyond it. Get in on the goodness.

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Looking to volunteer at Mishkan events? We would love to hear about your skills and interests. Be in touch!

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Support Squad

Maybe you’re in need of some extra community in times of transition– while sitting shiva or going through a loss. Maybe you’re looking to celebrate life’s milestones– getting engaged, landing a new job, buying a house or having a baby! Whatever you’re going through, we’re here to support you.

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The Love Team

The backbone of Mishkan– we create the welcoming atmosphere at services and events. Love Team helps shlep, set-up, clean-up, greet, shmooze, and generally gives of our hands and hearts at Mishkan events to help things run smoothly. Want more info?

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High Holiday Levites

With over 1,500 people in attendance at Mishkan High Holidays, we need hands and hearts dedicated to creating a safe, friendly, loving and supportive space, from set-up to registration to close-down. This rock star team of givers does just that! Want to help out?

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Davening Team

Support the stereo-surround-sound experience of prayer at Mishkan, either with your voice or by deepening your learning about Jewish prayer. We have music jams throughout the year and do open-calls for Davening Team every so often. Interested?

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