Interfaith Inclusivity

We’ve never prayed to or believed in a God who privileges love for some over others. In our most elevated moments, we believe in a God who’s presence and love covers all of us. Jew and gentile alike. That’s the God I work for.”
– Rabbi Lizzi Hedyemann

Any person regardless of background is welcome and invited to find meaning, inspiration and community at Mishkan. We welcome interfaith families, interfaith couples, and people from all faith traditions:

  • Partners from different faith traditions are always welcome to participate in rituals and holidays.
  • We officiate weddings of interfaith couples.
  • Parents from different faith traditions are welcome to fully participate in their child’s Jewish education.
  • Parents from different faith traditions are invited to recite the blessings (aliyah) and read from the Torah at their child’s BMitzvah.
  • We provide transliteration guides, explain ritual, and translate other “insider” language and terms.

Rabbi Lizzi writes about interfaith marriage:

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