Yom Kippur Afternoon Classes

Session One
3:45 – 4:45 pm CT

A Moment of Self-Healing: Tikkun Atzmi

AnnMerle Feldman
Location: Athenaeum Theatre Stage
During this session we will gather to engage with our breath, to feel our bodies move gently, and listen to the gentle beat of a drum. Please feel free to participate laying on the floor (bring your yoga mat) or seated in a chair.

The Book of Jonah

Tim Graves
Location: Event Space
Come read and discuss this fantastical tale of a prophet running from his God-given life assignment and getting eaten by a fish… but also being the most effective prophet the Jewish people has ever had. Join Mishkanite Tim Graves to explore the themes in this story and read a really wild tale.


Planning Your Shiva

Emily Grayson and Matthew Ellenwood
Location: Small Parking Lot (entrance on Oakdale)
D-Team members Emily Grayson and Matthew Ellenwood will be leading participants in an experiential sensory exploration of the Shiva in order to engrave a deep commitment to affirming the life we have in the time we are given. Participants will be guided through singing, cleansing, meditating, journaling. We will conclude our session with a discussion process as we hold space for each other on this day of Atonement.




At-One-Ment: A Healing Journey in Affinity Spaces

Mishkanites of the Global Majority
Felicia Savage Friedman
Location: Small Parking Lot (entrance on Oakdale)
Felicia will lead a gentle and loving space of connection for People of the Global Majority to ground and connect to the self and each other. People of the Global Majority include any human that identifies culturally or racially with people of African, Latino/Hispanic, Asian, Pacific Islander, or Indigenous descent. Ultimately, you can honestly self identify and you will be welcomed. 

Mishkanites Racialized as White
Martin Friedman:
Small Parking Lot (entrance on Oakdale)
Martin will guide us through a meditation on who we are outside of whiteness, with breath and movement focused on reconnection to the self. Being racialized as white means that you are culturally and racially connected to whiteness.  Neither of your parents are people of the global majority.  You are recognized by systems and institutions as being white even if you have another identity such as being Jewish. Ultimately, you can honestly self identify and you will be welcomed.

Session Two
5 – 6 pm CT

At-One-Ment: Healing from the Chronic Pain of Racism

Location: Small Parking Lot (entrance on Oakdale)
Felicia Savage Friedman and Martin Friedman
Many of us deal with chronic physical pain daily, which can be rooted in many sources – including the experience of racism. And all of us are dealing with chronic mental, emotional, and spiritual pain from racism regardless of our racial identity. Felicia and Martin will lead us through 30 minutes of restorative yoga interwoven with discussion on chronic pain and healing.

Social Justice 101 @ Mishkan

Location: Event Space
Our Amazing Justice Team Captains!
Gather with fellow Miskanites to learn more about how we do social justice. This is an opportunity to connect with others within our community who are working on issues of economic justice, public safety, sustainability, and more! Find out how you can be part of making Mishkan a voice for change in Chicago and beyond.

Practicing Teshuvah in Community

Location: Stage
Amy Silverman
One of the pivotal moments of Yom Kippur is the Vidui, a communal confession of ways that we have missed the mark over the past year. Join Amy Silverman for a highly interactive communal exercise of reflection, witness, and support as we build our capacity for teshuvah – the process of repair and reorientation we engage in on this day to help us strengthen our bonds with community, deepen our self-connection, and lay the foundation for becoming our best selves in the year ahead. 

21 Ways to Celebrate Life

Location: Room 304 (Take the elevator to the 3rd floor)
Nancy H. Rothstein
Who better to suggest how to celebrate life than one who is no longer with us? Drawing from her newly published book Rising in the Mourning: Ways to Celebrate Life, Nancy Rothstein will lead us in an engaging, reflective exercise on how honoring those we’ve lost – either this year or in years past – can inspire us to live our lives more fully.

3:45 – 4:45 pm CT

Sacred Listening

Daniel Epstein
Experience this very meaningful interfaith multi-media documentary project created by Daniel Epstein, one of our out of town Mishkan Builders.  As Daniel likes to say, for 20 years he traveled the world “for business and for faith.”  Epstein was a marketing director with Procter & Gamble and as he traveled globally he added on personal days to interview people about their spiritual journeys, currently 500 people in 27 countries.  It is the world’s most extensive set of testimonies on the subject of faith conducted by one person and includes black and white portraits Daniel made of each person, meant to evoke their true spirit. Daniel will share his journey and video clips of how people around the world have answered the questions he poses. He will also share an approach to dialogue called “Sacred Listening” which Daniel defines as “receiving the story of someone you perceive to be ‘the other.’ Preview Portraits in Faith here online: https://portraitsinfaith.org/about/intro-video/


To join the zoom: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/87185570541?pwd=R0VnM3h3NS9XbEhPR3hycUpNL0taZz09