You’re engaged, mazal tov!

Our Rabbis are interested not only in helping you plan a beautiful wedding, but also in helping you have a deep and spiritual marriage. The process of preparing for a wedding with Mishkan involves being part of a wider community that celebrates with you and getting to know the Rabbi officiating your ceremony. There are generally 2-3 meetings of preparation (including some light homework) before the wedding, all of which is included in your first year of Couples Level Buildership. Want to hear more? Contact us.

Why do I have to be a member of the community for a Mishkan Rabbi to do my wedding?
A membership in an organization helps subsidize the cost of things the organization does for which it charges less than cost (which is basically everything Mishkan does as a Jewish engagement organization). Builders literally make it possible for the community to exist and for our Rabbis to be available to perform lifecycle services. If the cost of Buildership is a hardship for you, please be in touch with our Executive Director Rachel Cort who is happy to work with you to find a mutually workable arrangement.
So…You’re Getting Married!
Read more about what to expect from the wedding process at Mishkan.

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