We have some some exciting news we want to share with the community: we are entering into a strategic planning process!

You might be asking yourselves, “Well, what exactly does that mean?” Great question!

It means that our board and staff are going to take some time to think, dream, explore and, yes, plan the next phase for what our community will grow into. We’ve enlisted the help of some expert consultants to guide us, and voices from the community will be an important part of this process too!

There will be some key opportunities to get your voice heard as we’ll be using information gathered from community surveys and a series of small focus groups conducted over the next few months. If you might be interested in participating in a focus group, feel free to email Rachel Cort. Many thanks to board members Mark Achler + Susan Horowitz, who have stepped up to chair the planning process, and to the rest of our awesome board for putting in their time as well.

Five short years ago our tiny Mishkan community was meeting in living rooms for Shabbat. Today Mishkan welcomes thousands of people a year to Shabbat services, holiday experiences, adult educational initiatives and programs geared towards kids and families, and reaches thousands more online through our music and videos. What might be possible in the next five years? It’s a question we look forward to answering, with your help.