A Prayer for Inauguration Day

A Prayer for Inauguration Day

For the past four years, I’ve taken great comfort in the many reminders in Jewish liturgy that we don’t worship any human king or person – we answer to G!d, the Royalty above royalty, Melekh Malkhei ha’Melakhim, the king of kings, the Sabbath Queen, the Source of Life. It helped me keep perspective, and reminded me […]

When We Are Powered By Courage

When We Are Powered By Courage

When we at Mishkan come across unusual and meaningful opportunities to learn and talk about Israel, we find that our community wants to take part. It’s for this reason that we’re inviting you to join me, and Mishkan, for a special opportunity to meet influential Palestinian civil society leaders in conversation with eight Jewish thought-leaders […]

Announcing Rabbi Deena Cowans

We are thrilled to announce that Rabbi Deena Cowans has accepted the Associate Rabbi position at Mishkan. Rabbi Deena, a Chicago native, wowed Mishkan community members and staff with her warmth, intelligence, and ability to build meaningful relationships with individuals and in groups. As the Family Programs Director at Congregation Ansche Chesed in NYC and […]

Chicago City Budget Vote Recap

On November 26, Chicago City Council passed a budget with a vote of 39-11. While the budget does include modest funding increases for mental health services and homelessness prevention, it does not reflect the values and priorities we and our allies at ONE Northside and the ReImagine Chicago Coalition have been pushing for. This budget […]

Justice Organizing Team: A City We Believe In

Budget Proposal Recap: Chicago’s Aldermen are currently reviewing Mayor Lightfoot’s budget proposals, with a deadline of December 31 set for the vote for the 2020 budget. Some of the key points are: – $50 million in cuts (a hiring slowdown, cuts in health spending and cuts to Fire Department overtime – $65 million from a […]

The Blast of Your Little Voice

Rosh HaShannah: The Blast of Your Little Voice By: Rabbi Lizzi Heydemann We learn from the parts of the story we focus on. We learn from the parts of the story we tell over and over again.  – Hannah Gadsby Both of the stories we read this morning feature the stories of, and particularly the VOICES, […]