By the Numbers

By: Rabbi Jessica Lott This week we begin to read the book of Bamidbar, the 4th book of the Torah, which, in English, is called Numbers. This is because the first instruction God gives is for Moses and Aaron to conduct a census. The Israelites have come to the point in their wanderings in the […]

Getting Creative: The Kosher for Passover Edition

Getting Creative: The Kosher for Passover Edition

What’s the difference between a board of matzo and the box it comes in? Nothing. -Old Jewish Proverb In this year of our people, 5780, COVID-19 concerns are dominating Passover preparation in Jewish households across the world. We are all dealing with this new reality and the changes it will bring to the holiday. Many […]

Spiritual Autobiography: Rachel Bryan

By: Rachel Bryan This past year my husband and I made a conscious effort to become more active in our community. To me, that meant more time spent at Mishkan, regularly attending services and becoming a member of the Love Team. I was in for quite a surprise when my husband, Matthew, said that to […]

Spiritual Autobiography: Jennifer Kouba

By: Jennifer Kouba During the spring and summer of 2015 I experienced many transitions, personal challenges, and new opportunities. During this time I found myself seeking a spiritual space to help me find meaning in the more difficult and heartbreaking moments, ground me during the transitions, and guide me during the time of change. I […]

We Are One!

TAKING ACTION FOR A DREAM ACT IN DC By: Charlie Schuchat I visit Washington, DC quite often – I grew up there and much of my family lives there. But the trip I took on Jan 16, 2018 was different from any of my previous visits. Last week, I went DC to be part of an […]


By: Rachel Ellison On the day of Mishkan’s Revelation and Revolution pre-Shavu’ote learn-athon, I was in one-month-countdown-to-wedding-day-mode. The to-do list scrolling through my brain was full as it would be any day but more so. On that evening my nerves were humming as I was about to lead my very first workshop on art and […]

Making Meaning

By: David Gottlieb When this photo was taken, I was well on my way to becoming a huge Mishkan groupie (a status I proudly maintain to this day). I had come back during a scheduled month out of town especially to lead a meditation session and take part in the other offerings at Mishkan’s Shavu’ote […]