One Hundred Blessings… Every Day

Judaism is all about taking blessing with you on the go and sprinkling it into everything you do, wherever you are. Saying 100 blessings a day. So here’s a little learning for your journey.

Moses tells the Israelites, “This thing called Torah isn’t far away from you, someplace off in the heavens, or over the ocean, or across the city in rush-hour traffic.”* Nope: Torah is right here. On the internet and in your phone. Every Mishkan how-to-Jew video we put up is in response to someone asking, “Um, how do I…?” So go ahead. Ask away. Learn something new in 5 minutes on the train. Bless a milkshake, or a burger, or the setting sun, and see if your journey is just a little more magical.

* Deuteronomy 30:11

Ellie Does a Jewish Thing: Shopping for Passover

The customs of what to eat and buy during Passover can be dizzying. Go on a pre-Passover Shopping trip with Rabbi Lizzi and Ellie as they shop for Passover.

Ellie Does a Jewish Thing: Bless This Milkshake

Have you ever wondered how to say a blessing over your favorite non-bread foods, like candy, or a milkshake? (Or maybe you’re just nostalgic for a time in Chicago when it was warm enough to drink a milkshake outside)… Ellie learns a new food blessing and so can you.

Ellie Does a Jewish Thing: SHOFAR

Hearing the shofar blast every day during the month before High Holidays is a thing, and it’s harder than it looks. Can Ellie figure it out as she traverses the mean streets of Chicago?

Ellie Does a Jewish Thing: Supports her Community

In the third installment of Mishkan’s short & sweet video video series “Ellie Does a Jewish Thing,” Ellie sharpens her tzedakah skills and opts to support her community by becoming a Builder! But not without some back and forth…

Ellie Does a Jewish Thing: Hand Washing

Follow along with Ellie as she learns the hand washing blessing.

Ellie Does a Jewish Thing: Mezzuzah!

In our first Ellie Does a Jewish Thing video ever, Ellie learns how to bless her new home and put up a mezzuzah (and so can you).

Videography and video production credited to Henry J Bernstein, the endlessly talented mastermind behind the EDAJT enterprise and other Mishkan promotional material.