High Holidays

The goal of Mishkan High Holidays is nothing less than to leverage the spiritual power of community to recreate ourselves and recreate the world.

How can we cut through all the noise out there (not to mention the usual pings, dings, rings, and vibrations happening on our very bodies), to hear the deepest yearnings of our hearts? Where is that still, small voice that helps connect us to our highest aspirations for ourselves and our planet?

Our tradition asserts that tikkun atzmi (self repair) is actually the basic recipe for tikkun olam (healing of the world), and we spend the 10 holy days of repentance from Rosh Hashannah to Yom Kippur creating real-time, face-to-face community of reflection, prayer, and collective transformational power. We immerse ourselves in it for the sake of taking it back out into the world – to uplift, to agitate, to inspire, to challenge, to grow, and to heal.


Where: The Vic Theatre | The Annoyance Theatre | Second Unitarian Church

Kol Nidre/Erev (Evening) Yom Kippur: Tuesday, September 18th | Doors 5:15pm, services 6:00pm.

Yom Kippur: Wednesday, September 19th | Doors 9:00am, morning services (including Yizkor/memorial prayers) from 9:15am – 2:00pm.

Optional classes and workshops all afternoon, post services (yoga, meditation, intellectual fodder) as well as space to spread out, sleep and rest just down the street at The Annoyance Theatre.

Minha/afternoon service: 5:00pm, The VaJonah Monologues: personal stories of failure and running away inspired by the Book of Jonah.

Neilah/the closing of the gates: 6:00pm, final service and havdallah— stimulation for all your senses. 

And finally, break the fast with us at The Annoyance Theatre with great food and drinks! Get your dinner tickets on the registration page.

Yom Kippur Afternoon Workshops

Spend the whole day in reflective space with us.

The Vic Dance Floor:
2:45-3:30pm – Yoga/Restorative Movement
If you plan to yoga with us, please complete this waiver and bring it with you, along with your own yoga mat.

The Annoyance, downstairs classrooms:
2:45-3:35 – Hannah Arendt on Forgiveness and Politics
2:45-3:35 – Jonah and the Shrub: A Dramatic Approach
3:50-4:40 – The Sacrifice of the Favored Son In Islamic and Jewish Tradition
3:50 – 5:00 – Dying to Live
3:50-4:40pm – Judaism, Wealth & Privilege: a conversation
3:50-4:40pm – Redefining Manhood in the age of Toxic Masculinity
5:00-5:45pm – Energetic Kabbalistic Practices for Neilah

Boarding Passes

Unfortunately, we are at capacity for Kol Nidre and Yom Kippur Day. We wish we could, but we can’t accommodate walk-up registration on Kol Nidre. On Yom Kippur Day, we’ll do our best to take walk-ups on a first-come, first-served basis as seats become available, which will become more likely later in the morning and into the afternoon. You may need to wait for a seat to open up before coming inside.

Beginning at 12:30pm on Rosh Hashanah Day and Yom Kippur Day (including Mincha and Neilah services), we will admit people as seats become available for $20/ticket. We still have availability for our Rosh Hashanah lunch and Yom Kippur Break Fast events.

Congregation Emanuel, Makom Shalom, and Temple Sholom have tickets available for pre-registration and will be accepting walk-ins on the day of the holiday. TzedekChicago has $18 tickets available on the Northside, and Rodfei Tzedek and K.A.M Isaiah Israel also are taking walk-ins on the South Side.

Full Holiday Suite | $200 SOLD OUT
9/18 Kol Nidre Only | $50 SOLD OUT
9/19 Yom Kippur (Day Only) | $100 SOLD OUT
Little Flyers | $40/day/child
Children aged 12 and under receive complimentary entrance to High Holidays.

Tickets are free for Builders (members, Mishkan-style). If you are interested, learn more here. if you are a builder and need the instructions on how to claim your tickets and register yourself, please contact us.

Get Registered!

Getting There

We highly recommend walking, biking, taking public transportation, taking Uber/Lyft, and/or carpooling rather than driving. Here are the options:

Train: The Belmont Red & Brown line drops off just around the corner from the Vic.

Bus: The Clark bus drops off 2 blocks away.

Biking: We totally encourage biking and will have on-site security, but locking your bike outside is at your own risk.

Driving: Parking is limited. You can click HERE to buy parking vouchers for a garage at 3120 N. Sheffield, right across the street from the Vic. Each parking voucher is $30, and there is a $5 per order administration fee. Each voucher is good for 12 hours of parking.

There are 140 spots at this garage. All spots are first-come, first-served, and purchasing a parking voucher from us does not guarantee that spots will be constantly available. 

If you want to arrange parking at another location, we recommend checking out SpotHero to reserve street parking ahead of time.

Please note: The Lakeview Arts Festival will be happening on September 9th (Erev Rosh Hashanah) and there will be an evening Cubs game on September 10th (Rosh Hashanah Day), making street parking extremely difficult. We highly recommend taking public transportation on those days.


This year, we are taking more strides towards making Get Higher accessible.

  • For people who use wheelchairs or walkers, there are accessible restrooms on the first floor.
  • There is an all-gender, single-user restroom on the first floor.
  • We are also thrilled to be offering ASL interpretation in both English and Hebrew throughout Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur services.
  • We’ll have extra light sources (flashlights) to make things easy to see.
  • We’ll provide large print machzorim/books for folks who have difficulty with small print (available at the fixing table).
  • We’ll provide printed copies of sermons/drashes/speeches for those who need (available at the fixing table).
  • We’ll be offering quiet spaces onsite for moments of relief and reflection.
  • We’ll be offering private spaces for breast feeding.
  • We’ll have fidget toys available for busy hands and minds.
Children’s Programs

Get Higher with Kids? Lucky kids.

Little Flyers Program (ages 18 months – 12 years): An experience for kids including services, songs and snacks, and a lunch included ($40 per child per holiday). It will be fun, interactive, hands-on learning experiences for kids throughout Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. For safety reasons, kids under 13 are not permitted in the building unsupervised. If you plan to have your children with you 100% of the time and not in Little Flyers, get them their own Boarding Pass (kids under 12 are free!).

Please note: This year’s Little Flyers program will not include Erev (evening) Rosh Hashanah & Kol Nidre.

All Children’s Programs will take place at our second location, the Annoyance Theatre, just a few blocks from the Vic (unless otherwise indicated).

Yom Kippur: Wednesday, Sept. 19th
9am: Little Flyers begins at the Annoyance
10 – 10:45 am: Family Service for grownups and kids (Ages 2-8)
11 – 11:30 am: Tot Service for grownups and kids (Ages 0-2)
11:15 am: Lunch delivered to classrooms
2:15 pm: Little Flyers ends

Be a Hero. High Holiday Levites (aka Volunteers) – We Need YOU!

With over 1900 people in attendance, we need hands and hearts dedicated to creating a safe, friendly, loving and supportive space; from set-up to registration to close-down. Sign up if you’re interested in volunteering to make this year’s High Holidays a success!


The security of the community at High Holidays is very important to us! We can use your help to ensure that everyone at High Holidays has a safe and spiritually uplifting experience. To that end:

  • Please wear the lanyard with your Boarding Pass at all times! Your boarding pass is also necessary for re-entry to the building at all times.  You will not be guaranteed re-entry if you don’t have your Boarding Pass on you.
  • Please avoid bringing backpacks, luggage or other large bags into the building. If you MUST bring something like this to the building (for example, if you are coming from work or the airport), please keep it on you at all times. Otherwise, it may be seen as a “suspicious object” that requires police or security intervention. Staff and volunteers cannot be responsible for watching over anyone’s bags or luggage while onsite.
  • We have a plan for emergency evacuation and sheltering-in-place in the building. In the event of an emergency, please listen for directions from the Bima/stage. Our staff, security and lead volunteers have been briefed on these plans and can help in the case of an emergency.
  • We will have plainclothes security officers on the premises at the Annoyance Theatre for all activities taking place there, including kids programs. 
  • The Vic is providing security professionals for the duration of High Holidays. They have been instructed not to profile individuals based on race, age, gender identity, or any other characteristic. They have also been instructed that this is a holy day for our community and to be as respectful of our attendees as possible. We are confident in their ability to provide security services while also being a friendly and welcoming presence. If you have an experience with security staff that is not respectful, please alert a Mishkan staffer in the main lobby.
  • We are alerting the 44th Ward alderman’s office and the local police force that our services will be taking place at Belmont and Sheffield.
Thanks in advance for your help in making High Holidays a safe and uplifting experience for all!

Get Higher 5779


Looking to get into the HiHo spirit? Attend an Elul event.

 Get Spiritually Prepped

The emotional rollercoaster of getting higher with you is mind blowing. I discover stored emotions in my body that I don’t notice until it bubbles to the surface. You’ve created a safe space for me to process, bubble up emotions, and let my mind, body, and spirit take care of business. Thank you for deliberately creating this space. I love you.

5778 High Holidays Attendee