Your High Holiday Experience
To all who joined us for the High Holidays — thank you! Whether you watched the live-stream, attended the in-person service, or dropped into one of our family programs, we would love to hear your feedback about your High Holiday experience. We want to know what worked (and what didn’t) this year. Please take 5 minutes to complete our High Holiday survey:

High Holidays were only possible with the help and hard work of so many community members and staff, who came together to make this vision come to life. Major thanks to the many people who made these holidays happen, including but not limited to: 

  • Our hardworking High Holiday staff: Amy Nadal, Anna Gelman, Ashley Donohue, CJ Speakman, Dillon Dreiling, Eli Newell, Elise Zerega, Hannah Antman, Jess Fogel, Jonathan Scheffel, Jordan Zelvin, Jourdan Lewanda, Julie Wernick, Kate Hardiman, Keith Schnabel, Lauren Tannenbaum, Lex Turner, Mady Frischer, Nathan Kaplin, Nick Ward, Nikki Konomos, Patrick Budde, Rabbi Ari Moffic, Rabbi Lizzi Heydemann, Rabbi Steven Philp, Rachael Kiphart, Rachel Cort, Rachel Mylan, Rebecca Stevens, Rhonda Abrams, Ronan Goforth, Ryan Walker, Seth Torres, Shama Kipfer-Tessler, Will Burdin, Zach Weinberg
  • The super talented Davening Team: Abby Cortrin, Aleya Schwartz, Benjie Weiss, Eli Newell, Ellie Spitz, Emily Grayson, Emma Epstein, Erica Smith, Henry Bernstein, Jenna Cohen, Lauren Abrams, Matthew Ellenwood, Rachael Jimenez, Josh Hare, Sophia Zinger, Talius Chickering, Sam Schiller 
  • A literal army of volunteers who made High Holy Fest a welcoming space for all: # usher, greeter, registration, and the teens who helped design and facilitate the Museum of Awe: Sam BassEhler, Gabe Cooper, Judah Cooper, Gabi Goldberg-Finkelstein, Noa Stern Frede, Malachi Many, Joseph Murciano-Sufian, Evan Reise, Alana Sindelar, Braedyn Thacker, Judah Thacker, Oliver Weinstein and Ezra Weisz. Truly we couldn’t have done this without you!
  • Shofar Blowers: Becca Crystal, Dan Farkas, Benjie Feldheim, Abby Kuchnir, Susan Morrow and surprise blowers Noah Gilbert and Asher Levine
  • Torah Readers: Danny Schuman, Rebecca Silverman, Evan Goldstein, Miles Stagman, Mark Siegal, Zoe Sobol, Gideon Horberg, Peter Fiedler, Yakov Neiditch, Robin Le Vine
  • Kol Nidre video stars: Patty and Mark Wiener, Hannah and Evan Curshan, Rodrigo Tobin-Diaz
  • Yom Kippur Afternoon class teachers: Local Action Team, Tim Graves, AnnMerle Feldman, Daniel Epstein, Abby Kuchnir, Miriam Klevan, David Gottleib, Gideon Horberg, and Ari Frede
  • Guest drashot: Tim Graves, Abby Kuchnir, Jackie Rasner

Together these folks created a welcoming, inspiring space for all. We couldn’t have done it without you. Thank you, thank you.

Build With Us
And if you’re thinking you’d like to get more involved in the community throughout the year, now is a great time to officially join the Mishkan family as a Builder (our version of membership). Buildership is a really special opportunity to connect more deeply with us, and allows us to co-create your spiritual journey with you from near and far.

Photos, Videos, and Sermons
Looking to relive your favorite High Holiday moments? The Rabbis’ sermons are up on our blog and the Contact Chai podcast, the High Holiday services are on our YouTube, and the photos will be made available soon on our Facebook page.