Adult BMitzvah

Whether you want a do-over or you never had a BMitzvah and want to dive deep into Hebrew, prayer, theology, and Jewish ritual, this series is for you.

We’ll learn how to chant Torah with trop, gain confidence in Hebrew reading, learn how to lead Shabbat morning prayers, and dive deep into Torah study, all culminating in a cohort BMitzvah celebration on Shabbat morning, June 6, 2020.

Led by Mishkan Rabbi Lauren Henderson with guest appearances by leading Jewish educators.  The class will meet on Tuesday evenings from 7 – 9 pm from November through May.

Together, we will:
  • Build a Hebrew foundation,
  • Understand BMitzvah ritual, components, history
  • Understand the structure of Torah service, learn aliyot blessings (the how-to and the why-to), prayers said during Torah service, and roles that different leaders hold (rabbis, gabbaim, leyners, olim, etc).
  • Introduce Torah trope and learn to chant a verse
  • Focus on Torah study, chevruta (learning with a partner), introduction to Torah commentaries
  • Practice giving a d’var torah in class
  • Prepare and master a reasonable amount of Torah chanting for BMitzvah celebration on 6/6/20
  • Focus on prayer leadership for Shabbat in and out of your home.

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The cost is $180 and $90 for Builders. Email R’ Lauren with any questions.

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Join us on Tuesdays from 7 – 9 pm beginning November 12th.

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Meeting Dates:

November 12, 19
December 3, 10, 17
February 4, 11, 18, 25
March 3
April 21, 28
May 5, 12, 19