A Taste Of Mishkan: Music For An Inspired Year


This is Mishkan’s first professionally live-recorded CD, full of the tunes you know and love from Friday nights, High Holidays & the rest of the year.


The Mishkan in the Torah connected earth to the heavens, creating sacred space wherever the Israelites were on their journey through the desert. We want to help you connect earth and heavens in your everyday life, too, just by hitting “play” on the train or bus, in your car, in your office, putting your kids or yourself to sleep at night. For many of us, the siddur/prayerbook gives us words to speak in services, but the music is the vehicle that helps us carry those prayers outside the walls of the shul–literally and spiritually. We invite you to experience inspired, down-to-earth Judaism, wherever you are in the world, and wherever you are on your journey.

The 2015 Mishkan Davening Team recorded on the CD is: Stacy Brown, vocals; Abby Citrin, vocals; David Frankel, vocals; Grace Gleason, vocals; Yoni Sarason, drums; Aleya Schwartz, vocals; Celia Strauss, vocals; Kalman Strauss, vocals and fiddle; Jill Zenoff, vocals; and Rabbi Lizzi Heydemann, vocals and guitar.

Thank you to the Harvey L. Miller Foundation for supporting this endeavor–both our work in Chicago, and our desire to share this approach to davening and Jewish learning far beyond our community. And of course, thank you to the Mishkan Chicago community, without whom none of this would be possible (and even if it were, it certainly wouldn’t sound as good).

Track Listing

1. Joey’s Niggun
2. Ashrey
3. Shiru L’Adonia
4. L’cha Dodi to Avniel’s Niggun
5. Kalman’s Niggun
6. Shalom Aleikhem
7. Sanctuary
8. Bina’s Niggun
9. Min HaMetzar
10. By the Waters/Rivers of Babylon
11. Chicago
12. Adon HaSelichot
13. B’Sefer Chayim
14. Suri Goali Yah
15. Ein Od / Aleinu
16. Utsu Eitza