We’re thrilled to introduce you to our next fellow, Rabbi Jeff Stombaugh.

Two years ago we introduced you to the Jewish Emergent Network, a groundbreaking national collaboration between seven independent spiritual communities, including Mishkan Chicago. Our first project together was a national rabbinic fellowship to train the vanguard of the next generation of spiritual entrepreneurs. We’re thrilled to introduce you to our next fellow, Rabbi Jeff Stombaugh.

Jeff Stombaugh hails from Seattle, WA. He is getting ordained at Hebrew Union College this spring, with a Master’s Degree in Jewish Education with a focus in Israel Education with the iCenter, as well as a certificate in Jewish Nonprofit Management. He graduated from the University of Washington with a degree in Cultural Judaic Studies from the Jackson School of International Studies and then taught second-grade Judaic studies at the Seattle Jewish Community School. Jeff currently works at USC Hillel as the rabbinic intern and has a passion for music, teaching, and bridging gaps between different communities, demographics and ideologies. As a student of innovation Jeff seeks to invigorate progressive Jewish life. He is especially excited to continue the justice work Rabbi Lauren has propelled forward over the past two years, and learn, pray, and grow with such an intentional and inspired Jewish community.

If you’re still reading this and interested in what else Jeff’s stoked about…

  • Hearing people’s stories, how they came to Chicago to Mishkan and how they connect to Judaism.
  • Hearing how/if they are feeling underserved by Judaism, the obstacles that may make them feel disconnected to the tradition, and feel like I’ll be uniquely positioned to do something about it.
  • Creating intentional and high-quality Jewish programs
  • Being present for families and developing relationships that will allow me to be a pastoral presence for them when needed
  • Learning about the Chicago Jewish landscape
  • Getting to know the personality and culture of Chicago
  • The food scene of Chicago
  • Being part of this Mishkan as it seems to transition from the “start-up” to “growth” phase of its life.

We know there’s a whole lot of changes in the works, but don’t worry, we’ve still got Rabbi Lauren with us until June.