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In Chicago, Iraqi Refugee Family Finds New Home, Support

This year, Mishkan Chicago partnered with HIAS to help resettle two refugee families from Syria and Iraq. This is the story of Mishkan’s second refugee family, the Al-Obaidis, as seen on WTTW’s Chicago Tonight!

February 8th, 2017


This is the Fast She Desires: A Yom Kippur Reflection

October 2017

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Rebooting Judaism: Do the Innovative Communities of the Jewish Emergent Network Hold a Key to the Jewish Future?

April 2017

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How Judaism Made God Cool Again

April 17th 2017

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Spiritual Jewish Community Launches Holistic Wellness Program

March 7th 2017

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About 20 Rabbis Arrested During Protest Over Trump Travel Ban

February 6th 2017

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Sing and dance at high-energy, traveling Jewish worship service

January 9th 2017

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Election Aftermath Tests Altenative Synagogues

December 7th 2016

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In Search of a New Generation of Jewish Leaders

October 2016

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Engaging Millenial Jews in Chicago with a Boutique Approach to Jewish Life

August 18th 2016

Written by Rabbi Lizzi Heydemann.

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Synagogues and Independent Congregations Are Allies, Not Enemies

February 21st 2016

Written by Rabbi Lizzi Heydemann.

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One size fits all? Not on this rabbi’s watch

January 13th 2016

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Post-denominational Judaism offers something outside traditional streams

August 20th 2015

Listen to Rabbi Lizzi discussing Post Denominational Judaism on The Morning Shift

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Women rabbis are forging a path outside denominational Judaism

April 8th 2015

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Chicago spiritual communities think outside the box

December 13th 2014

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“To come together to create this kind of fearless, forward-thinking momentum on a large scale requires the vision and commitment of the individuals running the institutions — synagogues, federations, emergent communities — to operate from a paradigm of abundance, collaboration, trust and possibility, instead of fear and scarcity of resources.”

Synagogues and Independent Congregations Are Allies, Not Enemies, The Forward

Rabbi Lizzi Heydemann

Support inspired, down-to-earth Judaism in Chicago

The Torah describes a giving process to build the Mishkan based on peoples’ openness of heart. By giving, you create the future.