Sam’s BMitzvah: Small Changes Against Injustice

  Recently, I have been studying the story of the 10 plagues. Right now in the Torah the Israelites are being enslaved by the Egyptians, and they have been enslaved by them for about 400 years. In a moment, we’re going to read from the very beginning of the Torah portion about how the Israelites […]

2018 Pomegranate Prize Awarded to Ilana Gleicher-Bloom

Massive mazel tov to Ilana Gleicher-Bloom, Founding Vision Director of Mensch Academy at Mishkan Chicago, on winning the 2018 Covenant Foundation Pomegranate Prize! The Pomegranate Prize, inaugurated in 2011, is designed to honor rising leaders who have been in the field of Jewish education for up to ten years. Ilana shares: My dream is to create a world […]

Introducing The Mensch Academy Facilitators

Introducing The Mensch Academy Facilitators

Introducing our Mensch Academy facilitators! We searched far and wide, and pulled together this unstoppable team of educational heroes. Why are we calling them facilitators? Glad you asked! At Mensch Academy, one of our goals is that children will develop their own ideas and interpretations of Judaism and Jewish texts. In order to meet those […]