Mishkan is not only a place for prayer, music, and learning — we are also a community to turn to in times of need. That is where Maggie’s Place comes in. We are here to ensure you have support and resources when you feel mental illness or any of life’s struggles impacting you. Established in Maggie Miretzky’s memory by the Miretzky family, Maggie’s Place creates new ways to find connection and provide support to all people regardless of background, affiliation or ability to pay. You do not need to be a Mishkan Builder or even Jewish to participate in Maggie’s Place events and get support. It is a completely free community space for everyone. 

We know how hard it can be to realize you need support, let alone knowing how, what, or who to ask. Maggie’s Place team includes two social workers and a social work intern who are here to help you navigate life’s toughest challenges. Our support groups are run by clinical professionals to ensure you are receiving qualified and meaningful support. Maggie’s Place also has an extensive database of referrals for things ranging from therapists, housing assistance, and beyond. 

This time of year can be a time where emotions run high — grieving loved ones no longer at the dinner table, looking back at a year gone by, the anticipation of a new year with unknown challenges, seasonal depression, and the communal trauma of the twenty-four hour news cycle. We hope you don’t need us, but we are here if you do. And even if you don’t need support, then you likely know someone who does; please feel free to let them know that Maggie’s Place is here for them, free of charge. No matter what your concerns are, we will work with you to help in whatever way we can while maintaining your privacy and dignity. Check in on your loved ones and remember that asking for support is the strongest thing you can do. Click here to find upcoming events at Maggie’s Place. We look forward to serving and supporting you in the new year. 

– Allison Thomas, Maggie’s Place Intern