We’re teaching classes, offering workshops, leading meditation, doing counseling, in short, bringing Jewish spirituality out of the realm of imagination and bringing it to where ever you are.

We’re not anti-institutional. Just cross-locational. Stay tuned to read about teachers, rabbis, spiritual guides and communities in Chicago that bring Judaism to life and are available to help bring it to yours, from Hyde Park to Highland Park.

Some of our regular partners:
Anshe Emet Synagogue

With knowledgeable teachers and rabbis, and a slew of sub-communities within the larger community, Anshe Emet is a Conservative synagogue that opens its doors and welcomes Jews from all walks of life, and is our host on the last Friday of every month for Mishkan’s services. You’ll see more than a few Mishkanites there at 2nd Day Rosh HaShannah services and for Shabbat morning services throughout the year when we’re not meeting.


An online resource that supports interfaith couples and families exploring Jewish life.


Jewish Council on Urban Affairs

We partner with JCUA in their campaigns to make Chicago a more just city through allyship and organizing with community-based organizations throughout Chicago. We are also partners in launching Chicago’s first Social Justice Beit Midrash.

AVODAH: The Jewish Service Corps

AVODAH strengthens the Jewish community’s fight against the causes and effects of poverty in the United States by engaging participants in service and community building that inspire them to become lifelong leaders for social change whose work for justice is rooted in and nourished by Jewish values. We have recently partnered with them on our upcoming Social Justice Bet Midrash.

ONE Northside

A mixed-income, multi-ethnic, intergenerational organization of diverse institutions that unites our community.  We build collective power to eliminate injustice through bold and innovative community organizing. We accomplish this through developing grassroots leaders and acting together to effect change.


SVARA: A Traditionally Radical Yeshiva

Founded and run by Rabbi Benay Lappe, SVARA is dedicated to the serious study of Talmud in a queer and progressive environment (the kind of setting the rabbis who created it were creating).

JCC Chicago Generation J

Come connect, engage and be inspired by our warm and vibrant Jewish community of 20’s & 30’s. Join us for social, recreational, cultural and holiday programs and events. Meet new friends, discover new interests and experience more of Chicago. More information can be found on Facebook here and by contacting Shayna Jensky at: [email protected] or 773.938.8347.

“We’re all playing the same game, just at different positions on the field.”

To read more on Rabbi Lizzi’s philosophy of partnership, read her piece in The Forward.


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Teachers and rabbis

Mishkan has a growing number of fabulous teachers around the city who each bring their own unique, out-of-the-box, truly inspiring approach to Judaism, who are available to be reached for a face-to-face meeting, a life-cycle events or for classes. Curious?

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