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Stand and Be Counted!

A sneak preview for reading Torah on Rosh HaShannah. It’s kind of a strange practice to read the same story every year, again and again, on the High Holidays. Do we think there’s going to be something in there this year that wasn’t there last year?...

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Why We Should Stop Talking About God

An Eli Talk Response by Rabbi Lizzi Heydemann In the Twelve-Step recovery programs, the first step is recognizing that we are not fully in charge of our lives and that we need to turn our lives over to a Higher Power, however we understand it. For many Jews, that idea...

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Growth Mind, Beginners Mind

What was the beginning of Rabbi Akiva? They say that he was forty years old, and had not learned anything. Once, he was standing at the opening of a well. He said, “Who carved this rock?”. They said to him, “It’s the water that constantly falls on it every day.” They...

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